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Gold looks to also be making a move up that will continue.  There are some differences in the positive transits for silver that I don’t see treating gold bulls to quite the same upward trend now.  Gold looks a little more blocked.  There is an agitating Saturn transit (rules gold) to Saturn in the Fed chart that will have the gold bulls working harder to make advances.  Watch for the dates (Premium Content) for either a setback or blocked movement in gold.  Gold looks bullish but I will describe it as moving in baby steps back up, until March where it could go ballistic again.  When Jupiter hits 10 degree Taurus on March 15th (the Ides of March) if gold has broken $1800 it could quickly move up to previous highs.  March 19th could bring another big move where it could make a new high that carries into April.

February:  Watch for a potential pullback the 17th-24th for another opportunity to setup a long position.

March:  There could be a very significant move up for gold beginning (Subscription Content).  Another big move up could happen on March 19th that carries into April 21st

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