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In my last article I mentioned there is a rare transit called Jupiter oppose Saturn that in definition means “supply and demand.”  For the Comex it means “stand and deliver” however, for JP Morgan it means “Panic.”

JP Morgan has been around for over 100 years as a leading New York bank.  The bank has a long history of orchestrating elaborate financial schemes including playing a role in the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913.  There is a particular epic in history, and karmic accountability for the bank, that could be circling back 119 years later.  There was a bank run and economic depression in 1893 that was instigated by JP Morgan and the American Bankers Association.

Under the Sherman Silver Act of 1890 a bi-metallic monetary standard was set with a gold to silver ratio of 16:1.   This monetary policy proved to be one of the few times in history where there was “price inflation” due to the expansion of precious metals backing the currency.  The monetary policy was good for the miners, farmers, and the people as they were able to build wealth and pay off debts.  The Sherman Act proved to be a thorn in the side for the national banks who did not control the mining or the silver.

The Banks vs Silver

The bankers’ had two objections to silver coinage.

1.  Silver coinage expanded the monetary base (inflation) impacting negatively the bonds, dominated in dollars and held by the banks.

2.  The type of inflation was occurring outside the bankers’ control.

JP Morgans Ongoing War With Silver: A Reversal of 1893

Silver may be one of the few commodities that the central banks currently do not control.  The people have read the history books and are becoming savvy to the games of the banking cartel.   The people are also becoming increasingly aware of the value of silver.  The illusion of power and control over currency,  the banks would have the people believe, is falling apart.  One could argue that the fall of MF Global and the confiscation of client money was the last straw as people are withdrawing money in the billions from investment accounts.  While money is being pulled out of banks it is pouring into silver.  The U.S. mint is reporting record year over year sales in silver eagles.

In March of 1893 the people unfortunately were not savvy to the game and fell into the trap the bankers set.  In order to stop the growing sentiment towards silver the American Bankers Association, of which JP Morgan was a member, produced a leaflet titled “The Panic Circular” which was distributed to each national bank president.

The Panic Circular

You will at once retire one-third of your circulation and call in one-half of your loans.  After this you are to advocate an extra session of congress
to repeal the Sherman Law, and act with other banks of your city to push for it’s unconditional repeal….The future of national banks….depends
upon immediate action, as there is an increasing sentiment of….silver coinage.

The people fell into the trap and made a run on the banks to redeem their silver for gold.  This led to the depletion of the gold reserves in the U.S. Treasury, and ironically in order to keep the treasury solvent, the United States had to borrow 3.5 million ounces of gold from JP Morgan.  The move kept the Treasury from a default.   Now, more than 100 years later  the karma of corruption and dubious financial schemes could come full circle and threaten the solvency of JP Morgan as investors remove their assets from the bank as a result of the MF Global scandal.  The bank has another moral issue with the ongoing manipulation of the silver futures market.  Since November of 2010 the silver bulls have been gaining ground and have prevented another 1980’s type of wipe out in the silver market.  The backwardation in silver is growing and shows no signs of retreat.  The entire JP Morgan/Comex silver manipulation game may be coming to an end because of one man, Eric Sprott CEO and Founder of Sprott Physical Silver Trust PSLV.  Sprott asset management has filed a prospectus with the SEC for 1.5 billion equal to 40 to 50 million ounces of silver, according to analyst Edel Tully of UBS.  (Read the story on

The Banking Cartel vs Eric Sprott

Jupiter (supply) oppose Saturn (demand) is a tug of war where there is only one winner.  Silver bulls need to be careful next week, the bears over at JP Morgan are not going to roll over easily.  Over the weekend and into Monday the Sun will square the Jupiter/Saturn opposition.  Someone over at the JP Morgan camp is under a lot of pressure and could just tell everyone to “go jump in the lake.”  Mars will also go retrograde starting Monday adding more volatility to the mix.  January came in like a lamb and may go out like a lion.

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