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The web of karma and dubious financial schemes that the banking cartel has for years kept hidden under the rug , is now unraveling in ways that are not expected and not in line with the the power elite’s “grand bargain” and rearrangement of the international financial order.  The MF Global collapse and secret accounting practices of the banks is getting exposed and the people are paying attention.  Recent reports have come out that indicate investors are pulling their money out of investment accounts in droves.  On Tuesday , senior writer Jeff Cox of CNBC wrote;  From January to November $889 billion poured into savings and checking accounts while stock and bond funds drew just $109 billion.  More money went into bank accounts even at times when the market rallied.

The MF Global scandal happened on the day there was an exact conjunction of Uranus to the Midheaven in the Federal Reserve’s chart.  Uranus is notorious for bringing sudden unexpected events, and in the Fed’scase, like a curve ball out of left field that threw the banking cartel off balance.  What is not being reported is the outflow of money from customers accounts with investment banks.  The best way to get rid of the corruption is to not do business with banks that are corrupt!  The CME group has also earned a corrupt reputation as hedge fund groups are now reporting their traders are restricted from using the Comex because they didn’t protect customers accounts.

The bizarre and dubious financial schemes that the banking institutions have for years engaged in, is now collapsing in on itself and that is the silver lining.  There is however potentially another silver lining that is none other than the real metal “silver.”  In 2010 Eric Sprott opened his Sprott Physical Silver Trust (PSLV) which is audited and backed 100% by silver holdings.   The Comex has traditionally been the only destination for futures contracts and delivery of precious metals.  They are also notorious for manipulating the inventory numbers and settling deliveries in cash settlements instead of physical deliveries.  The whole operation at the Comex has been to depress the prices of gold and silver by collaborating with New York banks to keep prices down and to make it difficult to take delivery.  In 2010 Eric Sprott changed the game when he opened the PSLV, giving investors a better alternative to the Comex.

On January 20th there is an almost exact opposition with Jupiter (supply) and Saturn (demand). For the Comex the definition is “stand and deliver” and that may very well be in the works.  This rare aspect will occur 3 times due to a Saturn and Jupiter retrograde.  having gone through the transit twice, and in each case an unsuccessful run in the metal, the silver bulls may finally have figured out how to move around the manipulation and finally get to $50 an ounce and hold it.  The reason I think this could happen is there are transits into the spring that are very positive for the metal.  The North Node in Sagittarius will impact the metal in a very positive way in the very near future.

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3 Responses to “Market Astrology: “Silver” Lining in a Dark Cloud”

  1. Arthur G. Says:

    How does SIVR compare to PSLV ? Fact that PSLV sold (secured ?) shares below trading market price makes one wonder how the discount is applied; to the trading shares or the newly issued shares. Confidence is strained.

    Copper and silver have industrial uses. If China econ slows copper should fall, since China is largest user; then, how is silver to hold up in a down draft of copper prices ?

    Hope we get a down draft in gold from Euro news this week to see if silver and gold trend together given the problems you have delineated at JPM (shorts) and CME (physicals). .

  2. mphailey Says:

    dollar cost average into physical silver you can touch

  3. Karen Starich Says:

    Sprott strategically made a move that yes brought the premium on shares down but bolstered underlying price of the commodity. he is most certainly not playing nice with the boys over at the CME/Comex. Sprott is the good guy and will probably be the winner in the supply/demand tug of war.

    Sprott’s move is brilliant.

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