The following is a guest posts by Karen Starich, who uses astrology to forecast events in the markets. Her unique insights will provide an alternative view to the markets with a focus on the precious metals sector.

A new theme – silver and gold

July 1st is a new Solar eclipse at 9 degrees Cancer.  Favorable for gold and silver bringing gain and benefit in the coming months. A turning point for the metals to break new highs.  The possibility of new disruptions in July and August regarding the Comex delivery. There could be a further shake up with the metals first week of July and an attempt to break through support for silver that was established May 17th (it won’t work). Venus will hit 0 degree Cancer (please see my article “Silver Panic“) on July 4th and  5th supporting the price of silver. Also discrepancies with inventory numbers June 30 – July 3rd that could show up in inventory transfers most likely with J.P.Morgan.

The Sun mandate for the eclipse will require the Comex to shore up it’s metal to accommodate the new demand.  There could be gaps up in silver and gold July and August.  New highs and silver breaks $50 and does not look back.

July 11th watch for significant increases and July 22nd I would not be surprised to see a major new high in silver potentially breaks $50.


8 Responses to “Market Astrology: Solar Eclipse July 1, 2011”

  1. emma Says:

    Great stuff as usual.

    I think it is interesting what has happened in the last week, Greece problems, Bernanke admiting US is crappy, and oil problems too. A crazy week, I am guessing there is a bigger move coming on the market.

    Been following this guy for a while, his trading advice is killer and is very accurate…. latest video –

  2. bob ketola Says:

    Great call for the potential June 24th decline with silver and the market. Another analyst that I follow who has done a tremendous job at navigating through this difficult market cycle over the past 11 years or so is looking for a potential low for the precious metals between July 18 to 29 which appears to coincide with your work. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  3. Karen Starich Says:

    Thank you Emma. The bigger event is what is going to take place regarding the big banks and the dollar. A “yank” as I like to call it. Over the july 4th weekend behind the scenes negotiating going on and I do expect a setback for the dollar again July 1st and 2nd. This is also a set back for Goldman Sachs and the Fed.

    Stay tuned for another article about the “bank Yank”

    Also looks like attempt to take out Gadaffi first week of July. I do believe he will exile potentially Russia.

    Gadaffi sits on big pot of GOLD and they must really want it.

  4. Karen Starich Says:

    Bob, thank you for reading. My message is to everyone….please go and buy the physical metals. Right now they are a bargain. Everyone has 2 years to get everything in order. In 3 years a default is very likely.

    I will be writing in more detail.

  5. usaranyou Says:

    Is it possible to post your astrological view on crude oil?

    I am still waiting.

    Thank you very much

  6. jeff pierce Says:

    Hey Usaranyou,

    Karen offers private consultations if you have specific markets you’d like more information on in a more timely manner. I speak with her often and know her schedule is quite full as it takes a lot of time to run the charts associated with her predictions.

  7. Gord Says:

    I’m going to assume you are seeing something other than Venus entering Cancer supporting silver. A review of previous ingresses indicates no consistent support or up move in Silver. Also July 11 is when the Sun hits the antiscia point of the June 1 solar eclipse when silver went down. You comments would be appreciated. Trying to figure out your thinking on these matters.

  8. Curtis Burns Says:

    If US govt raises debt limit in early August, that should also exert upward pressure on precious metals.

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