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The path of the eclipse will transit over the Northern Pacific Ocean and cross the Western United States and end over Lubbock TX.  The eclipse will peak in a conjunction to the star Alcyone ( the brightest star in the Pleiades) at 0 degree Gemini (an eclipse at 0 degree of any sign is very serious).  In my view, the eclipse in conjunction to Alcyone is not favorable and could portend more economic distress, demonstrations, and general social confusion.  My greatest concern however, and a very serious warning to my subscribers, is a possible pandemic type of influenza or strange virus that is difficult to treat.  The virus could be triggered by atmospheric changes that could contribute to it’s rapid spread, passing form nation to nation, and city to city.  In 1918 there was such a virus that triggered a hyperactive immune response that contributed to the lethal nature of an influenza virus.

A deadly virus could be the result of a rare phenomenon with Venus making a rare transit across the face of the Sun (Suns Northern hemisphere) The interaction of Venus with the solar winds could cause a release of the ionized and electrically charged plasma in the tail of Venus (see image below).  Astrobiologist’s speculate that the Venus tail of ions could carry microbes from the planet to earth.  NASA has discovered what they call “stringy things” in the plasma tail of Venus.  Some scientists are suggesting that potentially deadly viruses are caused by these planetary microbes that are hurled into near planet space by storms, and then propelled by radiation pressure.  (Read more)

Venus will move retrograde from 23 degree Gemini on May 15th (Venus retrogrades occur approx. every 1 1/2 years) and will square the U.S. Neptune (diseases that are hard to treat) for 3 weeks in what would normally be a transit that would last only 2-3 days.  There are other transits that are suggesting to me there is a potential for such a pandemic.  My advice is to take extra care in building a strong immune system with diet and other natural products.  Maybe not a coincidence, children in my area (including one of my own children) have been infected with a virus that brings on a temperature that takes in some cases weeks to get over.


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