6 Responses to “Market Timing Signal: Up”

  1. abdul Says:

    Like you say, yesterday also we see the market corrected on intraday. After that the bull charge in and the bear went into hiding. I will be trading with mind that the market is still bullish. Dare not short man.

  2. rajesh Says:

    at 12285 does dow qualify as having made a higher top which yr looking for?

  3. zoey Says:


    Your timing signal has been very useful from the contrarian point of view over the last year. If anyone sold when your signal said to buy and bought when your signal said sell and held for a five percent gain, they would win every time. You can back test this and see that it is true.

  4. jeff pierce Says:

    Any way people profit I’m all for it….lol

  5. t-man Says:

    In my opinion, now is not the time to be using trend timing signals. This market has not trended all year. Your signal switched bullish right at the top of the recent range. Not a good time to be initiating longs. Need to wait for a break above this level on high volume. Low volume volatility a sign of a bear market. People confuse bear market with crashing market. Livermore (“one of the supposed greatest traders of all time”) committed suicide in the midst of a prolonged bear market. There are too many traders/HFTs trying to make “easy” money in this market. This market is going to chop up most traders/HFTs and put them out of business before it will trend again. Just my opinion though. My fear is that all traders are going to start playing overbought/oversold signals and buy when it gets oversold from here. What happens when all traders are long into oversold conditions? CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. abdul Says:

    Another common sense theory, keep up to your opinion t-man. As for me I only initiate a position on intraday with stops, so this way my risk is lower but of course I do not always get a chance to trade…lol

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