By Charlie Brown

The concept of living space has evolved over the years! From elaborate properties that inspired awe to swanky, modish residential buildings worthy of appreciation, apartments have come a long way. And in 2018, apartments and living spaces have taken a paradigm leap. Today, it’s the thought to better living that propels and inspires builders to design residential plots comprehensively. Builders and living space brands are consumed with the objective to create and establish apartments that encourage residents to dream of high- quality life.

Like every year 2018 has emerged with exciting apartment trends. Whether you want to invest in one or want to read the way apartments are evolving, it’s interesting to know these trends.

1. Craftsmanship

Material and craftsmanship are integral elements in developing lavish homes. The living space with its use of space should hold the promise to withstand the ravages of time. Several aspects can be incorporated here. For instance, playing with the concept of exposed stone, brick and timber floors highlights the apartment’s heritage. Such features fit comfortably along with new age amenities that residents require. Hence, it's a perfect blend of a contemporary look, a high standard of living and utility. Luxury homes and residents are only interested in using high-end materials. Other exciting elements that are designers and builders incorporate includes art installations and pieces, porcelain and fine stone art, custom light fittings, wooden floor pattern and the intelligent use of space.

2. Incorporating green living

Green living characterizes 21st-century life. It implies an eco-friendly living. Most buyers want their lavish homes to be eco-certified. Today, there are living spaces, and residential building groups that design and develop buildings, which comply with the global standards for eco-friendly design.

Residential buildings and city apartments attain this by enhancing the natural resource effectiveness, minimizing their likely environmental impacts. Today, several luxury apartments are coming up with rooftop gardens that boast of organic and herb gardens. The primary emphasis is on green living. It is in sync with the modern-day individual’s wish for the urban landscape in a green space. The ultimate result is a high quality of life for everyone.

If you want to see and know more about these apartments, you can check out the likes of M-City Apartments Monash and the like. You can have a glimpse of how the new age lavish residents and apartments are shaping up.

3. The element of smart and energy efficient lighting

Today, the world is adopting energy efficient lighting choices. One of the popular choices today is LED. It is one of the most effective and cleanest kinds of solid-state lighting option that you can opt in for. Today, there's a new trend in lavish homes. It’s the “Internet of Buildings” that comprises responsive and connected systems that can quickly adjust to aspects like body temperatures and physical movements. It helps in optimizing efficiency and comfort.

Additionally, 21 st -century lavish homes have welcomed the concept of bio metric smart lighting identifies the present weather conditions. It also can trace sleep and wakefulness with advanced wearable devices. You can customize the bio metric illumination system that acts intelligently to wake you up before sunrise. It can further improve your sleep at the end of the day. These are three best new age apartment trends that interior decorators and builders incorporate in their property design plans.

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