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In the world of trading, information can be very valuable – but when information is delivered ahead of the market, it can be profitable as well.

Since the launch of Benzinga Professional, the traders and ex-analysts working behind the news desk have been breaking stories and reporting on market moving information before anyone else. These new items create more opportunities for traders like you to profit.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Benzinga Reports that Egan-Jones downgraded France over 10 minutes before other leading news providers…

  • 02:32:14 – Benzinga Reports Chatter “BROAD EWQ VGK Hearing Egan-Jones Downgrades France”
  • 02:35:19 – Benzinga Confirms Chatter “EWQ UPDATE: Egan-Jones Confirms Downgrade of France from A to BBB+ with Negative Outlook to BBB-“
  • 02:43:03 – Other leading news providers report “Egan-Jones cuts France Sovereign Credit Rating to BBB-Plus”

The most successful traders make moves in real-time and only have a few seconds to make profitable trading decisions. Many of the traders subscribed the Benzinga Professional have taken advantage of the real-time news offering to make substantial profits in the market, and you can too!

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Benzinga Professional is the most reliable real-time news available. The ex-traders and analysts on the Benzinga Professional news desk give you the ability to…

  • Profit on the breaking stories and market moving information reported
  • Hear crucial market updates from their live audio squawks
  • Ask questions on moving stocks, past earnings, and other market information by offering you one on one chats

It’s not often that traders have the ability to trade along side a team of news desk professional while tapping into the connection and insights in the industry.

It’s also a rare opportunity to be the first to hear breaking news seconds before other trades. By signing up today, you’ll have the opportunity to experience a no-cost trial of Benzinga Professional for 14 days.

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We all know how competitive today’s market can be and without the proper tool to receive market-moving information, competing at a high level is nearly impossible. Benzinga Professional gives traders an unparalleled opportunity to compete with the market’s major players by utilizing the elite tools shown in our videos. If your goal is to ease your financial woes through trading the market, then sign up with a 14-day trial to see how Benzinga Professional gives you the advantage.


30% off Benzinga Professional + 2 weeks free trial

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Here is what people are saying about Benzinga Professional

“Benzinga Pro is truly a hidden gem in the financial news space. They aren’t just posting news, but breaking it before mainstream media runs with it. This is the one tool that I never trade without.” – Kunal Desai, Founder of

“Benzinga Pro is that must have tool for traders ad investors to open firs thing in the morning and leave open throughout the trading session. It helps tremendously in getting a feel for the market, and to zero in on those stocks most likely to pop before the masses realize” – Brian Sozzi, Chief Equities Analyst at NBG Productions

“Benzinga Pro’s news feed always delivers timely information that gives me a much needed advantage over other traders that are still waiting fo the same news release to be printed on the other well known “larger” new sources. While everyone else is clueless about new happenings in the market, I already have reacted accordingly and entered a new position. As Gordan Gecko said in Wall Street: “The most valuable commodity I know of is information”” – Jayson Derrick, Director of International Trading TM Global Capital


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  1. J.Dostigan Says:

    Anyone on zentrader used this service? Any feedback?

  2. jeff pierce Says:

    I’m not a news trader but it takes all kinds. They offer a 14 day trial where your cc isn’t charged until after that trial is over so if you decide to give it a try let me know if it’s any good.

  3. J.Dostigan Says:

    Reading your tweets; Are we addicted to news, work etc? In any case, glad I have your company. Momentum list is very interesting as are S.Weinstein comments. Thanks for pointing to it.

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