By Jeff Pierce

Ever since tradewithZEN was launched in June 2012 I’ve identified many stocks that have gone on for huge runs, but if subscribers don’t take the trades it doesn’t matter. I added TSLA on April 4th when it was trading at $43.93 & YELP on May 2nd at $32.22.


Since June 2013, in an effort to provide maximum transparency I live tweet all my personal trades. These are real, live trades I’ve tweeted on the twitter feed. I can’t fudge these as new subscribers can go back and see the actual trades as proof.

June 2013 to Dec 1 2013:
    • 41 winners with the avg gain being 6.12%
    • 8 losers with the avg loss being 3.42%

November Stats:

  • 7 winners with the avg gain being 4.58%
  • 1 losers with the avg loss being 7.76%

Let’s break down November stats from closed trades to see what this could yield in trading profits. I advocate always using the same position size on all trades to keep from having one big loss severely dent your trading capital.

Being extremely conservative if your avg position size was $5000, and you had 7 winning trades with a total $35k invested (7 positions x 5k x 4.58% each) you would have netted $1603 profits in November. If you want to earn more, increase your position sizes. That one loss at a 5k total position size would have cost you $388. 

Subtracting total losses from gains and you could have earned $1215 from taking all of the same trades I did. You may say but what if I don’t take all of the trades you do? See Ditto Trade.

Access to tradewithZEN is $25/month and inside you’ll learn how to properly identify momentum stocks, entry & exit points, daily watchlist, market timing on NASDAQ, DJIA, TSX, real time tweets pointing out trade setups and live tweets when I’m buying/selling stock.

Membership will be closing it’s doors to new subscribers once we hit 100 subs so act now if you believe this information could be useful in your trading.

Check out our testimonial page if you’d like to know what subscribers are saying.

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