Reader question I decided to answer in a video.

How many open positions is practical given an account size of $20,000. I am just now realizing that I miss opportunities on both the buy and sell side due to the challenges of filtering so much information. Now I am thinking no more than 7 or 8 positions is the maximum I can track effectively; but maybe that’s even too many – had a history of trying to hold around 10 positions.

Jeff, I would love to know how many positions in an account of my size do you can managed effectively? Note: I tend to have short to intermediate hold periods while keeping one or two long term picks.

My question back to the reader? Do you tend to feel conflicted when you carry long positions but your account is 75% short? I know this happens to me when I want to designate a stock as a long term hold but the markets are falling apart. I’m not sure if it’s possible for a short term oriented trader to carry long term holdings.


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