By Charlie Brown

First things first, what is a PABX? It is basically an acronym that stands for Private Automatic Branch Exchange. In layman’s language, a PABX is just a telephone system or a switchboard whose units are used as internal telephone systems in different organizations.

Unlike the older systems that were made up of fixed telephone lines, the PABX system now interconnects with not just telephone lines but also with the internet. This has been made possible after the arrival of VolP (or Voice over Internet Protocol).

Digging deeper, modern PABX phone systems are customarily hybrid in nature, incorporating both old telephone networks and packed switched networks. It is the use of these packed switched networks that enables cheaper and easier connections to reach the entire world. Therefore, if you have a company that has offices around the world, it will be ultimately easier for you to if you enlist the services of a PABX service provider.

Essentially, it is a switching phone system that links a company’s telephone extensions with each other. The switching system also interconnects the same phone extensions with the outside telephone network. The system made up of incredibly complex machines that can be used not only as telephones but also as modems, fax machines, and internal communication devices. Therefore, any modern office could make good use of this hybrid innovation.

The Benefits of PABX System

– It is perfect for businesses –The PABX systems can be used in offices and/or businesses as auto attendants. Basically, the system handles the office calls to the extent that it picks up if there is no one in the office to answer the call. For this reason, the PABX system is highly beneficial, especially in large businesses that get lots of calls.

In an office or business setting, the PABX system is also used to conduct conference calls. Therefore, if you are overly busy and have no time to handle face-to- face meetings, the PABX system will be incredibly useful. If you have international clients that you can only meet telephonically, then this system will also benefit you.

– It works as a central control station – Just like a modem, whenever a new call comes in, the PABX system routes the call through the control station. As long as the PABX system is assigned with a special code for every phone number, the calls will be directed to their precise recipients. What’s even more enticing is the fact that the system can be set with an automated message to greet every caller before their calls can be directed to the right places.

The PABX system is under improvement so that it can easily be used by a computer system which will be used to track incoming and outgoing calls. The computer system will be easily manipulated so that the users can personalize the number of incoming calls in the office.

In conclusion, it is evident that the PABX system is great for business. If you want this kind of efficiency in your office or business, it is high time you got in touch with a telecommunications business that can sell you a PABX system affordably.

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