By Charlie Brown

In Singapore, finding a dream home is more robust than catching sight of Moby Dick, if you don’t have the right agent. Picking the right real estate agent will make all the difference when you are out looking for a place to stay within your budget. It is normal for us to search for the best possible options within the money we can afford, and it is definitely not wrong to wonder if you can squeeze in a complete shower stall, finished basement or a furnished balcony within that budget.

Don’t be afraid to dream because it might even be possible, once you are ready to follow the next ten steps –

i. Is your agent CEA registered?

Search the CEA portal to check if you are working with a registered agent. The CEA registration is a mark of quality and experience. It is a free portal that also archives any complaints present against the agent. Check out Perry Siow real estate agent Singapore, to learn more about necessary registrations and certifications of agents.

ii. Check the web reviews

We check reviews of clothing and electronics before we spend money on them, there is no reason you should not spend some time inspecting the reviews of the agents on a third-party site. If you do not know of reliable Singapore review sites, just run a Google search on the agent’s name + agency name + reviews. Do not forget to check exclusively for complaints while you are at it.

iii. Knowledge and experience

Every good agent should have a working knowledge of the market and open houses. In most cases, we know what we want, but not what we need. An experienced and knowledgeable agent can help you find your dream home in the perfect location. Apart from their registration and certification, you need to check for their experience levels as well. A real estate agent working the fields for the last decade is more likely to offer you better deals on a property than a freshly registered agent with ten certifications.
iv. Should come from a reputable agency

It is imperative for your agent to be CEA registered, but he or she should also belong to an excellent agency. Some of these agencies provide 24/7 connectivity to the clients via mobile applications and web chats. The quality of interaction depends considerably on the agency. (more…)

Everyone has to be ready to face unforeseen health issues that could strain your pockets and leave you worried about finances. For this it is essential to take proper health insurance cover. Health is unpredictable even for the healthiest population of the world. You never know when you might fall so sick that it will cost you a few thousand dollars for proper medical treatment and these are precisely the moments when health insurance policies come in handy. Avoiding unplanned medical expenses should, therefore, be topmost in your mind when you are preparing a family budget and you must keep provisions for proper health insurance coverage for all family members. When you have your family covered with health insurance, you enjoy complete peace of mind.

Government health insurance is not enough

Any government that cares for its citizens keeps them protected for health risks with some health insurance coverage. However, these insurance policies have limited coverage and do not include many important health care factors. The limited coverage of the government insurance for health might typically include only regular visits to physicians, basic ward accommodation in the hospital and eye examination after every 24 months. Many other aspects of routine health care needs like vision care, dental care, prescription drugs and unforeseen health-related emergencies are left out from the purview of government health insurance coverage. To fill the gap, you have to take some additional health insurance policies from private insurance companies like Blue Country Insurance – Blue Cross Moncton.

Extensive coverage of private health insurance

More extensive coverage with personal health insurance policies from private insurance companies is the primary reason for including it in the must-have list of any domestic budget. Besides the traditional medical treatment other forms of alternative therapy like chiropractic treatment, naturopathy and massage therapies also come under the health insurance policies of private insurers. Also, you are entitled to expenses incurred in private and semi-private hospital rooms, travel coverage, ambulance costs, and death or disablement from an accident. You have full coverage for all kinds of dental procedures related to examinations, fillings, and cleanings as well as major orthodontic and periodontic procedures as well as dentures and crowns. Moreover, the expenses of prescription drugs qualify for complete coverage under the policy together with complete vision care package.

The best time for taking health insurance

Wisdom says that you must plan for the bad times that can affect anyone at any time. Hence taking health insurance policies early in life while you are in good health is always advisable. Even if you are a member of any group insurance plan, you must keep your family covered by taking suitable health insurance policies. Individual health insurance plans protect against unplanned expenses for future illnesses, and you could save several dollars every year by choosing the right health insurance plan. (more…)

By Charlie Brown

According to, if you want to achieve your financial goals, then you require a plan. The plan will help you to generate a budget that will walk you through the next financial year. Financial planners have been tasked with the role of planning and helping to make financial decisions in most firms. They work closely with the accountants so as to have a scope of the real financial figures. In recent years, most companies have been hiring and firing financial planners because of the deteriorating margins in profit. Most companies only want an ascending graph in terms of profits. The truth is that too many losses are bad for any company. Instead of going through the trouble of hiring a financial planner, you can use a software to do the work. Here are a few tips you can use to evaluate the best financial software for your company:

1) Goals

Most firms plan their year according to their budget. As the financial year begins, all the employees need to know what they are working towards. The same idea should be used when looking for a financial planning software. As you walk into a meeting with the software providers, ensure that you have your goals established. Let the software providers give you a better way of achieving your goals using their software. Your objectives should be easy to achieve with the introduction of software for financial advisors. If the software doesn’t have a way of incorporating your goals, then it doesn’t fit your firm.

2) Models available

The main advantage of a software is that it can be customized to suit a certain function.  (more…)

By Charlie Brown

Cardboard cutouts have been in fashion for several decades now. Just like the cutouts, their popularity refuses to budge. They are impossible to miss, and they grab a lot of eyeballs. Whether it is a conference or convention, life-sized cardboard cutouts can make a lot of difference for your brand. You are most likely to see a cardboard standee right outside movie theaters and music shows. These are the life-sized cutouts featuring celebrities and characters. You are also expected to find them at bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and graduation events. No matter what you are celebrating, a custom cardboard standee adds a unique touch to the occasion.

How do custom cardboard cutouts help businesses?

It is one of the smartest budget-friendly marketing techniques brands use right now. Although cardboard cutouts have been famous for decades, the rise in social media marketing has added a new dimension to the old-school standee marketing strategy. In several events, brands position celebrity cutouts around their kiosks and products. It lures more visitors to their stalls. People love to pose for pictures with life-sized celeb standees and movie character cutouts. Once they post this on social media with the brand name and event in the tags, they not only generate personal views, but they also create higher visibility for the associated brands. It is a lot cheaper than traditional celebrity endorsements and social media influencer marketing.

Have you ever set up a kiosk at trade expos and conventions? Chaotic is not enough to describe the situation and events that precede an exhibition. Putting up signs, realizing that the signs are of the wrong size, creased stickers, torn corners, and the occasional overshadowing neighbor are all realities every business wants to avoid. LED screens and LCD signage are available options that can help you stand out, but they are not easy on the pockets. Firms competing in trade shows or participating in conventions need enough budget to showcase their brand, but that should not be at the cost of their operations or production budget. The only other option is by taking your signage game another step forward and investing in custom cardboard cutouts. Placing one right in front of the kiosk will increase the visibility of your business, and it will help you garner the visitors’ attention more effectively.

Why do entrepreneurs love customized cardboard cutouts?

Customization of these cutouts means you can opt for several types of standees. Apart from life-sized cutouts of people, you can go with automobile models, mobile phone model cutouts and other products on standees to attract attention. Additionally, most standees for exclusive business purposes have space for holding information including business name, location and contact numbers. It saves a lot of your employees’ time since your potential customers can refer to the signage for your business information. Your helping hands can focus on other essential things like scoping the new market, speaking with representatives or giving live presentations to an interested crowd.

What are some of the other cool uses of custom cardboard standup?

They are the personal touch to birthday parties, bachelor parties, anniversaries and other occasions. Add a standee of the person with funny fonts, cool hats or other celebratory messages to turn any drab celebration to a fun party. Custom cardboard cutouts are a hit with the younger crowds. Add standees of pirates, Disney princesses, video game characters and cartoon characters to a kid’s birthday party to turn it into a memorable event. You can also opt for photo props with the faces cut out for a funny photo-booth experience for the guests. Attach a dry-erase board with the standees to people can leave messages for the anniversary couple or the birthday boy!

What should you know before designing your customer cardboard standup?

Many people worry about leaving the cardboard cutouts outside all day. Poolside parties, lawn parties, and barbecue events call for particular attention to those cutouts. The water, moisture, heat and direct sunlight do not always take kindly to the standee prints. That is the reason you should still work with a signage printing company that can offer you weather-proof and UV- resistant prints. Flatbed printers work marvelously for creating these prints, ensure that you will be getting 1440 DPI resolution for the best results. More significant sized standups demand a higher resolution since lower resolution will cause the fine lines to pixilate visibly. Pick an image that will at least be 200 DPI. Be very careful while choosing an image from Facebook or Instagram. Most of the photos here are of sub-par quality, and the web-based image resolution is around 72 DPI. That is not enough to produce life-sized displays. Always remember that larger the size of the cutout, higher the resolution of the image. A good signage printing company will provide you with in-house editing options, but that will not help you much when the source image is of lower quality.