As the world’s most extensive open-source content management system (CMS), WordPress hosts over 455 million websites worldwide. The platform itself is free, but that doesn’t mean that creating a WordPress site is free. In fact, there are several costs you will encounter when building your site. For instance, you will need to purchase a domain name, and you will have to pay to have your site hosted. These are the standard costs everyone who wants a WordPress website has to pay. However, there are also optional costs. These include things like premium themes, plugins, and extensions. Furthermore, depending on your design abilities, you may have to hire a professional designer.

The cost for the required and optional elements of a WordPress site varies. A significant determinant in what you’ll spend has to do with your website goals. For instance, a small blog site will cost less than a larger eCommerce site.

To help you figure out your budget, let’s examine the cost components that go into a WordPress site:

WordPress Hosting

For your website to be available on the internet, it needs to be hosted on a server. Several providers offer hosting services with costs ranging from $3 to $25 per month, depending on the features you require.

Six primary variables will affect how much a web host package costs:

? Type of web hosting (shared, VPS, dedicated, cloud, etc.)
? Length of contract (monthly, annually)
? Datacenter locations (i.e., the best web hosting in Canada is from providers with data
centers in this country.)
? Storage and bandwidth limits (more…)

Site enhancement is an important part of the business website of any organization.

How you are appearing in the digital world depends upon your website and its optimization which includes SEO factors.

The algorithms of Google and other search engines are continuously changing for making the positions of websites on their result pages.

This explains why it is remarkable for business people and marketers to keep up to date with the latest SEO stunts when they need to position themselves higher up the search engines.

We’ve made it basic for you. Below are some of the best SEO stunts you can use in 2020 to improve your SEO rankings and provide more qualified instructions on your site.

1. Make Your Website fast

Site Speed is one of the most rejected SEO techniques. Since 2010, site speed is one of the important ranking factors for Google and another search engine.

50% of web customers imagine that a web page should stack up in 2 seconds, with many disdaining the page if it does not stack up in 3 seconds. (more…)


Life insurance is a very necessary part of your life whether you want to consider it or not. No matter who you are, where you are, or what you’re going through life insurance must be part of your plan. You may be dreading the medical exams that follow, but luckily for you, some insurance companies leave that part out altogether.

No physical exam life insurance can be a godsend for anyone that isn’t comfortable or can’t be bothered with the medical exams, but as with everything, it comes with pros and cons.

What is no physical exam life insurance?
No physical exam life insurance is a type of policy that does not require the applicant to complete a physical exam to be able to have their application approved. This type of insurance does, however, have pros and cons. For example:

? No physical exam
? Easier application
? No more fear

? You must complete a questionnaire, if you are caught lying and you pass, your death
benefit will likely be held from the beneficiaries you’ve chosen.
? Confusion
? Opportunities to lie

So, while no physical exam life insurance can be great, the cons can fairly heavily outweigh the pros. Usually, people choose this type of insurance so that they can avoid the fear of visiting a doctor, the fear of being rejected because of pre-existing medical conditions, and also the embarrassment some feel while getting a physical exam. (more…)

If you’re just getting started on your road to investing, we would like to congratulate you. You are making a brave decision and are finally ready to make money work for you. That’s great.

Now you may have been presented with several options when it came to markets, and chances are the first two you heard of the most are the Forex and the stock exchange. Both of these options have their pros and cons, and some might be tougher to enter than others. They also require vastly different strategies to succeed. Let’s take a deeper look at both Forex investing and stocks, and help you find out which option would be the best for you.

What Kind of Investor are You?

The very first question you should ask yourself is what kind of investor you are. Because you might not even be an investor after all. If your goal is to capitalize on small movements on stocks whether they’re going up or down over a few minutes, day, weeks, or a few months, then you’re a swing or day trader, not an investor.

An investor wants to hold assets for a certain amount of time and watch them appreciate and possibly gain dividends. While you can invest in currencies and hold them, Forex is not the best instrument for that. Not to mention that there are no dividends with currency. If you want to profit playing the long game, you will either need to have a great advisor in your corner or lots of experience since predicting the trajectory of currencies over years can be extremely difficult.

If your goal is to invest for the long run and maybe even leave something to your kids, then the stock market is a great option. If you choose wisely, this is where you make the big gains and where you can make some passive income as well.

Also, know that you can’t just start day trading like that. (more…)