By Danny Brooks

Buying expired domains is much easier today thanks to the availability of numerous listing sites and great resources to help you research a domain. However, if you are interested in a domain name solely for traffic, there are a couple of things you need to look at. This post looks at the top metrics you should never overlook when considering a dropped domain name.

Google Page Rank

When it comes to the evaluation of a domain’s metrics, Google is definitely the oldest and the most widely used option. The metrics here are based on a scale of 0 to 10 where PR3 is 10 times better than PR2 and so on. You check the page rank of a domain name simply by installing Google Toolbar.

All in all, although it is still in use, Google Page Rank is not the best platform you should use to check the metrics of a domain. The algorithm hasn’t been updated in months as Google is focusing on other aspects.

Moz Metrics

Considering Google Page Rank has been dormant, is one of the best solutions you can use to check the metrics of a dropped domain. Moz will give you detailed information regarding the backlinks of a domain. It will help you know how many backlinks a domain has as well as which ones is passing traffic to it.

Second, Moz will help know the domain authority of a domain on a scale of 0 to 100. This helps know the ranking of a site in Google’s SERPs. You can use this tool to compare different dropped domains with traffic. Moz Rank will help you know if a domain is of good quality. This is a great feature considering Moz’s index is updated every four weeks.

As a side tip; if a domain has a high PR but a lower Moz, you should think twice before considering it. It might be a scam.

Majestic SEO Metrics

You can find this service via or This company has the largest commercial link intelligence database with their crawlers covering over a billion URLs daily. (more…)

By James Whitaker

One of the areas that utilize Information Technology (IT) intensively is the business sector. Today, computers are used to facilitate many business processes. Moreover, modern businesses run on a computerized architecture. IT is used for accounting, payroll, inventory, communications, research and development as well as marketing. As such, it is important for a business to contract the right IT support company.

What is an IT support company?

An IT support company is one that has the resources and ability to provide IT services as well as troubleshoot and repair any problems that might emerge in the IT infrastructure of a business. This type of company can provide support for Cloud computing infrastructure, ensure business continuity during a crisis and guarantee constant software and hardware care for the computers in your organization. An IT support company such as Bay Computing strives to achieve specific targets when working with a business.

What does an IT support company strive to achieve in your organization?

This type of company dedicates its software and hardware resources to ensure that they achieve specific targets when working with a business. These targets include:

  1. Achieve business goals
  2. Establish a vision for the IT infrastructure and achieve it
  3. Ensure smooth workflow every day

Identify and achieve business goals

Every company has some business goals. Thus, the computer systems support company tunes the IT infrastructure such that the businesspeople are able to achieve their goals much easier. The IT support company utilizes IT to make business solutions. After that, the organization can use these solutions to accomplish its goals.

Create and achieve a vision for the IT department of a company

The world of IT is a dynamic and ever-changing one. As such, it is important the IT department of an organization be able to adapt very fast to these changes. An IT support company can help to achieve this. They can analyze the current potential of the IT department in a company. After that, they can establish a vision for this department. Taking into account user requirements, available skill sets as well as the currently available network management resources, the IT support company is able to chart a way forward for the department for the benefit of the business.

Maintain smooth workflow

It is very important that the workflow in an office runs smoothly. Sometimes, glitches can occur in the system for example the internal email system goes down, the servers are hacked or files simply disappear. The IT support company is responsible for ensuring that things get back to normal as fast as possible. They focus on protecting phi and ensuring that no matter what happens, there is always a backup system capable of allowing the business to keep going successfully.


Modern IT support companies offer their services as a package. This package contains various responsibilities that they can perform in your company. They can perform tasks such as IT security, communications, hardware and software support for all machines in the premises as well as management of Cloud computing resources all in one package. Subscribing to one of these packages is a good investment for any business.


James Whitaker is an IT support technician. He has more than ten years of experience protecting phi and ensuring that IT solutions propel businesses forward.

By Luis Aureliano

Since the financial crisis in 2008 gold has become the go-to ‘safe haven’ asset during times of market turmoil. From the height of the
financial crisis in September 2008 until March 2009, when the stock market started its post-crisis recovery, the price of gold rallied from USD 750 to USD 950. That was a 26% price increase. Gold continued its rally until it hit its all time high of USD 1,917.90 per ounce in August 2011.

Since the 2008 financial crisis gold has somewhat developed a negative correlation with the performance of stocks. That means that on days 2016-03-22_2245the stock market is up, gold tends to be down. This can also be a prolonged trend, as seen in January of this year, when stocks tanked and gold prices jumped. Having said that, it is also important to note when looking at correlations, that correlations tend to break down over time, so this correlation is not set in stone forever.

Year-to-date the spot gold price is up 16% and is currently at around USD 1,230 per ounce. This is partly due to the horrendous start to the year that stocks have had and, partly, because many emerging markets investors are buying gold as domestic currencies such as the Malaysian ringgit, the Indonesian rupee and the Thai baht have weakened heavily against the U.S. dollar in the last 12 months. In both instances gold is the go-to investment due to its safe haven aspect. As uncertainty in global markets looms, gold is proving itself to be a lucrative investment, once again, in 2016. Below you can find the three best ways you can invest in gold, should you also want to benefit of gold’s ‘safe haven’ status during times of market turmoil.

Buy Physical Gold

If you want to invest in gold you could buy gold bars online at vendors such as Global Intergold. Gold bars can be purchased in many 2016-03-22_2248different price and weight categories, so that you can find the right gold bars suitable for your investment needs. Physical gold is an excellent store of value and the most direct way to invest in gold. Also, it has the added allure of you being able to touch and feel your asset.

Purchase Gold ETCs

Alternatively, you could also purchase so-called Gold ETCs. ETC stands for exchange- traded commodity. ETCs function effectively in the same way as ETFs (exchange-traded funds), except they mirror the price movements of an underlying commodity as opposed to a set of securities. When buying a physical gold ETC you receive exposure to the price of gold without having to store physical (more…)

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One of the maxims within the world of investments is that preparation is the key to success. This exact same statement holds true when referring to those who hope to create sustainable wealth within the Forex markets. With the proper insight and by using a handful of tried-and-true methods, it is quite easy to establish a sound and yet flexible investment portfolio. How can novices benefit from such an approach and what strategies should always be employed? We will endeavour to break these questions down into a more digestible explanation.

Stick with a Strategy

Just as each trader has his or own unique personality, there are always specific strategies which work well depending upon one’s individual needs. From Fibonacci pivot trades to dual stochastic positions and Forex fractals, what may work well for one investor could be irrelevant to another. Thus, it is critical to discover which approach woks the best and stick with it.

Adopt an Efficient Platform

An electronic platform is the foundation of any effective trading strategy. Only the best will do and as there are so many currently available, selecting the correct one can be confusing at times. Some of the indicators which indicate a worthwhile system include:

  • Access to real-time news feeds.
  • Numerous analytical and charting tools.
  • A clean and user-friendly interface.
  • Dedicated mobile applications.
  • Robust levels of customer support.

These very same principles are embraced by CMC Markets and thanks to such a unique sense of flexibility, astute traders can expect to enjoy a truly lucrative experience. (more…)