By Charlie Brown

Selling a house has never been easy. There are so many things that need to be done right from getting the house ready for sale to meeting all potential buyers among other things. If you are selling on your own, you will certainly end up neglecting other duties. The process is not only tedious but also frustrating. The good news, however, is that there are so many realtors out there that can sell your house on your behalf. But why should you work with real estate agents?

Setting the price 

The sale of a home starts with the setting of the price. The price has to be reasonable. It should be based on a valuation report and matched with the prevailing market trends. A real estate agent has up-to- date information on what is happening in the real estate market. He also has more knowledge on financing, pricing as well as terms and conditions of the competing properties in the local marketplace. This enables him to set the most reasonable and competitive price that helps you sell fast while at the same time making a profit. The real estate agent may also recommend some changes to your home in order to enhance salability.


Marketing calls for more than just the ‘for sale’ sign outside your house. This sign will only interest people who frequent the area. A realtor knows how to grab the attention of potential buyers. He will use multiple listing services and leverage other cooperative marketing networks. He will also use open houses for the agents among other things. The goal is to get your house in the eyes of as many ready buyers as possible. Relators such as Henderson NV Realtors know when and where to advertise.

Offer security

When marketing a house that you still occupy, the last thing you want is for strangers to keep intruding. You want to maintain your privacy and also ensure that only serious buyers come knocking at your door. One of the duties of real estate agents is to prescreen buyers as well as accompany the prequalified buyers though your home. This will keep you safe throughout the sale.


Negotiations are never easy. (more…)

By Jessica Smith

You all know about Bitcoin and the boom that it created. Well, it turned out to be highly profitable for some, and not so much for others. While some lost their minds discovering it, others lost their money, and many ended up discarding their driver and others were stunned after finding forgotten wallets full of so much money that they could easily buy apartments with it! Now, the next big thing in the world of cryptocurrency is initial coin offerings or ICO. According to experts, ICOs are here not only to stay but also to generate millions of pounds and dollars. Of course, as it is with any other financial trend, so it is with ICOs too. Only a few people who are brave enough to invest, smart enough to deal, and fortunate enough to win will eventually benefit from the ICO.

How did ICO come into being?

If you have been a regular at cryptocurrency circles, chances are you have heard numerous statements being thrown around as conventional wisdom. People must have asked whether it was wise enough to invest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. Moreover, you may have seen that while the concern behind those questions cannot be discarded, there are also much possibility that the investors will make massive profits from their endeavors. You should note that the cryptocurrency sector was born out of a notion that conventional economics is outdated and overrated. The only way to go from that point is forward.

It is a well-known fact that Initial Public Offerings (IPO) are being seriously questioned time and again. Besides being too tangled in regulations, and of course, coming in too late in a business’ life cycle, they are also quite expensive to produce any significant benefit. Companies, especially startups do not see much profit in investing in Initial Public Offerings. They might come in handy when you have to repay your investors with their capital, but they do very little to fund your business idea.

That is where the initial coin offerings become useful. Simply put, they work as the crowdfunding provision for cryptocurrency startups, which nowadays are posing as threats to the concept of money itself. Most of these businesses are based on Ethereum these days, which is a platform much similar to Bitcoin. This platform enables users to build distributed businesses all connected to a single blockchain.

How does ICO work?

In the initial coin offering system, there is usually a specific goal. You can also refer to it as the limit for project funding. It means that each token invested has a pre-determined price which is not subject to change during the initial coin offering period. That also makes it clear that the token supply is usually static.

What is interesting here is that it is possible to get a static supply which has a dynamic goal as far as funding is concerned. In that case, the tokens are distributed as and when the funds are received. It translates a project gaining higher token price depending on the increasing amount of funds it receives.

At other times, the dynamic token supply depends on the number of funds that are received and the price allocated for each token is static. For example, one Ether equals to one token. Every time an ether is sent, the creation of a new token begins. Of course, one can set the goal or time frame can be defined as per needs and preferences.

What is an ICO list?

By Charlie Brown

When it is time to sell your home, you have many options. You can sell it yourself or involve a real estate agency. The third option, which is even faster, is the option of selling to companies that buy houses. These companies strive to take the hassle from the process of selling houses. After contacting them, they will evaluate your home and give you an offer. If you accept the offer, the deal can be closed in as little as seven days. This is a great option if you are pressed for time or if you need money fast. Here are some of the key reasons why you should consider the option of selling to companies that buy homes.

Get cash fast

The main reason is to get the cash fast. Selling through an agency requires that you make changes to your home and advertise widely. Even after doing all this, your house can remain on the market for months or even years. Agencies that buy homes make sure that you never have to wait too long to get the cash. When you accept their offer, you will have the money in your pocket within a week. Regardless of your situation, these agencies buy homes on cash basis. There is no need to worry about bank financing, which takes too long.

Sell in any condition

Another great thing about selling through these agencies is that you will be able to sell your house in just any condition. This is a much better option than that of selling through a realtor. A realtor will require that you make the house as attractive as you can to potential buyers. This can take a toll on you. With this option, you will be able to sell your house in just any condition. Hence, you don’t have to spend money to make money. Whether the roof is missing or the floor boards are broken, these agencies will buy the house as it is. The reason for this is that these companies usually renovate the old house or build a new structure from the ground up then resell it. If you live in Oklahoma City, for example, you just need to search the web for we buy houses in Oklahoma City. You can then contact the companies that show up to find the one that offers the best deal.

No realtors are involved

The fact that no realtors are involved in the sale means you will be able to close fast. You will not be forced to renovate before selling. You also don’t have to worry about potential buyers getting in your space as they evaluate the suitability of your home. Selling to an agency means you will be able to get the property off your hands within days and not months.

Avoid the paperwork

Last but not least, the buyer will take care of all the paperwork. They will push the paperwork to ensure the deal closes fast. (more…)

By Charlie Brown

Hunting for an apartment can be challenging at times. The hardest part is where you come across two apartments that you love. Your mind appears to be on a go-slow and you cannot choose which of the two fits. To fix the jinx, you must set your expectations as the guiding principle.

Talking of expectations, be as realistic as possible. Some of these include:
– Location
– Floor plan
– Nearness to shopping areas
– Quiet neighborhoods
– Rent

When you have a mental picture of how you would want your apartment to look, you will be able to make decisions quickly.

Rent, is it affordable?

Rent easily takes first priority. You must approach the cost aspect from a budgetary point of view. Decide how much you would comfortably want to spend on a house. After that, look for places that charge a similar amount or slightly lower.

In most cases, you have to weigh your options. On one hand, you might find a beautiful apartment that meets all your requirements. The pad is closer to your place of work. Transportation is only a walking distance away. Your close friends live in the vicinity. However, the agent is asking for more than you had planned.

Think further
On the other hand, you have found a house that is well priced but a little far from your office. You might have to take the bus and maybe hop onto a train. There are shops nearby and the rent is within your limits. What do you do? The decision boils down to making a choice between luxury and amenities. (more…)