By Robert Liu

Using a payroll software comes with a variety of benefits for you as an employer but also for your employees no matter how small or large your organization is. The accuracy and efficiency that comes with having such a solution means your profits are maximized. We will look at 6 compelling reasons why you should adopt a system like the payroll 1099 software ETC.

1. Cost Effective

Automating your payment system is always more cost effective. Replacing your more manual system with a more animated one eliminates human error and other inefficiencies. You get to save money, especially if you understand how to use it quickly. Making your service more professional has its downsides of course, but these are outweighed by the benefits you stand to gain. In addition, you can always brand your business as an efficient service.

2. Employee Calendars

All software have unique tweaks that make them more user-friendly and beneficial. Some payroll software solutions come with an employee calendar. You are therefore able to manage overtime, sick leave and absences. You are able to see the number of days taken and the work period remaining for every employee just at a click of the mouse. With such a solution, a staff member cannot make up the type of leave they had taken e.g. saying it is sick leave when it was their annual leave. Planning becomes easier for you and who would not want that kind of convenience?

3. Pay slips

One of the special advantages of using the payroll 1099 software over other free alternatives found over the internet is that they do not give you the option to create pay slips. With this solution, you can quickly generate pay slips with the minimum statutory information. You are not alone; many employees prefer being able to print pay slips for themselves. (more…)

By Brian Moore

Home storage unit businesses have proven to be lucrative over the years. Even during economic downturns, people still need somewhere to store their extra items. Since you will be responsible for your customers’ belongings, you need to ensure that you and your staff are ready to handle such a task. This will require research and proper planning before you embark on your own home storage unit business.

Market Research

Planning involves researching the market. Storage is a growing industry that many business owners and real estate investors are interested in. It is important for you to understand how the sector works before you start your business. You should be aware of the demand, competition and costs that the business constitutes.

Online resources are available for you to start your search for useful information and local storage facilities. Look at their prices, units and services. Although a location that already has many storage facilities indicates that many people need the service, this does not mean that you will not have to be competitive. Various websites can provide you with the information that you need about the sector.

Business Goals and Costs

After gaining insight into the local market, you need to set a goal for your storage business. You may want to set up a small part-time business or a large one that requires more investment, time and effort. Calculate the start-up costs that you will need to start your business. These should ideally be distinct from costs such as maintenance and you should be sure that you will be able to find the initial funding that you will need. Click here for closetbox local storage locations.

Business Plan

Business plans are among the most important documents of any business. They include information pertaining to market research that you have undertaken, estimated costs and future plans. If you are planning to borrow funds, you will need a clear and detailed business plan. Planning also requires a clear market strategy. There are different techniques that can be used to market a home storage unit business. You will need to be flexible enough to adapt to different strategies until you find out what works best for your business.


Marketing strategies involve establishing how you will penetrate the market and stand out from the rest, effectively communicating with your customers and planning on how you will develop your business.


Start your business by making sure that you have enough funding. You may use your savings or a loan, depending on what the best option for you will be. If you need financial assistance, outline our funding needs, how the money will be used and any future plans you may have for funding.

Location and Home Storage Units

A vital aspect of a home storage unit business is access to a location where people can store their belongings. Key costs will include acquiring a suitable space for your storage facility and should be carefully considered. Choose a strategic location that is likely to attract a lot of customers before securing your units.


Brian Moore is a locally based writer who is interested in different aspects of business and finance. He enjoys researching on a range of business start-up topics as well as marketing. To find out more about closetbox local storage locations, please visit the site.

By Chris Ebert

There are times when the stock market seems rather quiet, and other times when it just gets downright violent. While quiet conditions come when traders are in a relative state of consensus, violent times come from just the opposite – traders who are undecided and thus not in consensus.

One way of determining the state of consensus is through an analysis of stock option performance, particularly on $SPY or another broad-based ETF. There are only five basic outcomes if one opens an option trade on $SPY.

  1. Long Straddles, Long Calls and Covered Calls can be profitable, indicating overheated euphoria, a state of “Lottery Fever” (green)
  2. Long Calls and Covered Calls Can be profitable, but not Long Straddles indicating a market that is “Digesting Gains” (blue)
  3. Covered Calls can experience maximum profit, but not Long Calls or Long Straddles, indicating that the market has hit some resistance. (yellow)
  4. Covered Calls can experience less than maximum profit, indicating the market is correcting somewhat. (orange)
  5. Covered Calls can experience a loss, indicating market sentiment has turned bearish. (red)

Orange Line of Violence

Of those five categories, some are overtly bullish, others are easy to spot as being bearish. Those areas tend to allow a consensus to form more easily. But, it is the dividing line between them that often produces a lack of consensus. There is an area in which traders don’t know if this is the place to buy the dip, or if this is the beginning of the end and the time to unload their stock positions. That place very often occurs near the orange line on the chart.

There is nothing magical about the orange line. It just happens to have correlated historically many times with a lack of consensus whenever the S&P has neared it. Correlations are everything in this business. So, a trader who wants to be prepared for violent moves in the market could be more prepared for those violent moves by paying attention to the Orange Line of Violence.

The chart above depicts the S&P 500 as of June 28, 2016.

* Option strategies referenced above are analyzed for profit or loss on expiration day only and are opened using an at-the-money strike price, 4-months to expiration, using options traded on a broad-based ETF such as $SPY (NYSEARCA:SPY)

The preceding is a post by Christopher Ebert, Chief Options Strategist at Astrology Traders (which offers subscribers unique stock-trading perspectives and options education) and co-author of the popular option trading book “Show Me Your Options!” Chris uses his engineering background to mix and match options as a means of preserving portfolio wealth while outpacing inflation. Questions about constructing a specific option trade, or option trading in general, may be entered in the comment section below, or emailed to


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By Kerd Viyu

There are many reasons you may want the services of an electrician for your house. It may be that you want to create a new room and you want the wiring of that room to be prepared as one of the first activities you want to undertake. Another reason you may want the help of an electrician is when you want to renovate a room that is already being used and you want to change its purpose, for example, change an extra bedroom into a music studio.This will mean that the wiring of that room will have to be redone so that the premises serves the purpose that you intend it to serve. Repairing a present wiring system of a room is also a situation where you will need a professional electrician.When one of the sockets in a certain room is not working or a certain switch has become very dangerous, you will have to get the whole system evaluated. Hiring a qualified and well organized electrician is one of the best solutions you can taketo solve the difficult and complicated issues in your house. Hiring an electrician can also help you save the money you might have used trying to fix the damages you would have made if you opted to do the wiring yourself. Here are some tips to get the right electrician for you:

  • Make sure the electrician is qualified and has a license.There are many people out there who may want to extort money from you by approaching you with the title of a professional electrician. One of the very first things you should investigate about an electrician is whether the individual is licensed under the local authorities, with an up-to- date license. Most electricians that work with organizations like are very legitimate. This will give you some assurance that the individual must have gone through some evaluation by the local authorities to validate that the services being offered will be up to standard. Another major thing is that you should ensure that the electrician is insured with the right insurance cover for the job, so just in case there happens to be an unfortunate incident, you will not have to bear with the damages.
  • Have an understanding on the amount of payment and completion time. You should ask the time schedule from the electrician so that you are able to work accordingly around the time given by the individual in a way that will not interrupt you or anyone else living in that house. Ensure that the price list includes the details of what exactly you are paying for like the labor that was undertaken and the prices of the materials that were used. It will be beneficial to you if you keep the first payment low and that the work schedule and the completion time actually reconcile.


Kerd Viyu has a masters degree in electrical engineering. He has worked for several oil and gas power plants. He currently owns a company that provides electricians to clients in his hometown who need help with electrical issues. He is also partnered with