By Charlie Brown

In the current millennium, it is hard for the buyer of a business and the seller to connect. This is because they might both be busy with their lives. In business, middlemen exist to facilitate such transactions. When buying or selling a business, you can hire a middleman who will do most of the negotiations for you. In most cases, they charge a commission of 5-10% of the deal. Sometimes, they may even demand more. These middlemen are called business brokers. Business brokers have become so many in the market that it’s now a challenge choosing one to hire. Below are key factors you need to consider before you can hire any middleman:

1. Get referrals

Get people who have had experience with business brokers to help you out. These are the best people to get referrals from. They can be relatives or friends. To prevent you from having the same pitfalls they did, they will offer you advice on the best brokers. They are likely to refer you to people with a good reputation and who take good care of their clients.

2. Cost effectiveness

Hiring a business broker is more cost-effective because they have expertise in the field. They will thus save you unnecessary costs. It can be tiring and expensive travelling from one place to another just to market a business you want to sell. If you decided to use advertisement agencies, it would be more expensive. So, it is easier and cheaper to invest in one good broker who will do all the marketing for you. Negotiation processes can be expensive. However, brokers shorten this process by making sure both parties get what they want.

3. Experience and qualifications

Anybody planning on selling their business through a middleman knows that experience is one
attribute you can’t overlook. Experience is gathered by practicing what you do over time. Some skills learnt on the job may never be taught in class, according to If you hire an experienced middleman, then your deal is likely to go very well and end up with both parties happy. Experienced brokers will be able to handle any arising problems. Furthermore, when choosing a broker, you need to look at their qualifications. Don’t just trust anyone who claims to be a broker as they might disappoint you and run away with your money. Ensure that the person you pick has undergone the required training. (more…)

By Andrew Rogers

It’s no secret Richard Branson dropped out of high school when he was just the tender age ofsixteen. The self-made successful business entrepreneur battled with dyslexia and had trouble at school leading to the choice that changed his futureforever.

Branson struggled with remaining at school since he was 13 years of age when he nearly failed. He then transferred to a boarding school where he then dropped out. Coming from a middle class family, they couldn’t afford to seek help to aid him educationally but it would seem that Virgin founder didn’t need the help anyway.

What began as a small venture steered Richard Branson down an unexpected path leading directly to success. It began when the youth decided to start a youth magazine labelled ‘Student’. The first edition sold $8,000 worth in advertising and when Richard let the first 50,000 copies go for free he would then need to cover those costs. This is what led him to begin his business venture three years later. He decided to begin a mail order record label called ‘Virgin Records’ and pay the outstanding debt with income received from his new brand. Needless to say, the company didn’t take off immediately. The billionaire was turned away from several companies he approached to put his music out into the public, so he decided to form a record company of his own and ended up selling millions of albums. Richard Branson then began signing bands that no one else would agree to sign up. Some of which are now International rock stars such as The Rolling Stones and Sex Pistols, two of the world’s biggest and most famous bands.

After he got the gold, Branson thought bigger and better, he needed to change things up and increase his fame and fortune. He then created his own airline; Virgin Atlantic. Branson told the media that no one believed his new endeavour would be success, but against all odds, Branson ignored the critics and went ahead to create one of the most world renowned airlines.

Since then Richard Branson has over 400 companies assigned to the Virgin Group and has since been rumoured to begin a new venture to invest in private equity stocks.

Other High School Dropouts Who Have Since Made it Big Unconventionally (more…)

By Charlie Brown

The concept of living space has evolved over the years! From elaborate properties that inspired awe to swanky, modish residential buildings worthy of appreciation, apartments have come a long way. And in 2018, apartments and living spaces have taken a paradigm leap. Today, it’s the thought to better living that propels and inspires builders to design residential plots comprehensively. Builders and living space brands are consumed with the objective to create and establish apartments that encourage residents to dream of high- quality life.

Like every year 2018 has emerged with exciting apartment trends. Whether you want to invest in one or want to read the way apartments are evolving, it’s interesting to know these trends.

1. Craftsmanship

Material and craftsmanship are integral elements in developing lavish homes. The living space with its use of space should hold the promise to withstand the ravages of time. Several aspects can be incorporated here. For instance, playing with the concept of exposed stone, brick and timber floors highlights the apartment’s heritage. Such features fit comfortably along with new age amenities that residents require. Hence, it's a perfect blend of a contemporary look, a high standard of living and utility. Luxury homes and residents are only interested in using high-end materials. Other exciting elements that are designers and builders incorporate includes art installations and pieces, porcelain and fine stone art, custom light fittings, wooden floor pattern and the intelligent use of space.

2. Incorporating green living

Green living characterizes 21st-century life. It implies an eco-friendly living. Most buyers want their lavish homes to be eco-certified. Today, there are living spaces, and residential building groups that design and develop buildings, which comply with the global standards for eco-friendly design. (more…)

By Charlie Brown

In Singapore, finding a dream home is more robust than catching sight of Moby Dick, if you don’t have the right agent. Picking the right real estate agent will make all the difference when you are out looking for a place to stay within your budget. It is normal for us to search for the best possible options within the money we can afford, and it is definitely not wrong to wonder if you can squeeze in a complete shower stall, finished basement or a furnished balcony within that budget.

Don’t be afraid to dream because it might even be possible, once you are ready to follow the next ten steps –

i. Is your agent CEA registered?

Search the CEA portal to check if you are working with a registered agent. The CEA registration is a mark of quality and experience. It is a free portal that also archives any complaints present against the agent. Check out Perry Siow real estate agent Singapore, to learn more about necessary registrations and certifications of agents.

ii. Check the web reviews

We check reviews of clothing and electronics before we spend money on them, there is no reason you should not spend some time inspecting the reviews of the agents on a third-party site. If you do not know of reliable Singapore review sites, just run a Google search on the agent’s name + agency name + reviews. Do not forget to check exclusively for complaints while you are at it.

iii. Knowledge and experience

Every good agent should have a working knowledge of the market and open houses. In most cases, we know what we want, but not what we need. An experienced and knowledgeable agent can help you find your dream home in the perfect location. Apart from their registration and certification, you need to check for their experience levels as well. A real estate agent working the fields for the last decade is more likely to offer you better deals on a property than a freshly registered agent with ten certifications.
iv. Should come from a reputable agency

It is imperative for your agent to be CEA registered, but he or she should also belong to an excellent agency. Some of these agencies provide 24/7 connectivity to the clients via mobile applications and web chats. The quality of interaction depends considerably on the agency. (more…)