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IQ Option is one of the most renowned and a well-established broker that assists the online trading of financial instruments like CFDs, forex pairs, commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies and indices. IQ Option acts as a platform where these financial instruments can be traded conveniently. IQ Option had started out in 2008 as a Binary options broker, but today it has grown rapidly to process almost 2,000,000 traders every day.

IQ Option Europe Ltd. is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) being registered at Cyprus. IQ Option Ltd. is registered at the Grenadines and in St. Vincent, however, it is not a regulated entity.

Trading With IQ Option

The range of financial instruments that can b e traded on IQ Option is very impressive. Here are some of the financial instruments:

1. Digitial Options is available on IQ Option in 19 standard digital options tradeable on weekdays and 8 OTC options that are tradeable during the weekend. They are tradable with expiry times of either 1 minute or 5 minutes. This option is available to nonEU and pro-EU traders, but not to the EU members.

2. Binary Options– IQ Option offers about different binary options instruments to trade, including options on forex pairs, stock indices, stocks and gold. They can be traded with a wide range of expiry times ranging from 60 seconds to one month. The platform also offers OTC (over the counter) binary options for trading on the weekends.

3. FX Options –IQ Option offers FX options trading exclusively for EU traders as they cannot trade binary options and digital options with the platform. These can be traded with expiry times of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 minutes. 6 different FX option instruments are available to the traders.

4. Stock CFD Trading–The platform offers around 174 CFDs for trading with leverage. One can trade IQ Option’s stock CFDs with just $1 per trade.

5. Forex Trading –IQ Option offers a range of about 88 currency pairs. Some of the currency pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/CHF and USD/CHF can be traded with leverages of 1:1000. They also provide pre-set stop loss and take profit options for forex trading.

6. Cryptocurrency Trading –IQ Option offers two types of cryptocurrency CFDs–standard and special. The standard crypto CFDs can be traded by both members and non -members of the EU. However, the EU members do not have access to leverage. The special crypto CFDs cannot be traded by the EU members.

7. Others – Apart from these, IQ Options also supports commodity and ETF trading. While there are 6 commodity CFDs available to the traders, the leverage varies for EU and non-EU traders.

Features of IQ Option

The IQ Option trading platform provides traders with many useful features that facilitate their operations and make i t convenient for them. Some of the features of the platform are:

1. It allows a trader to execute trades directly from the charts. This allows them to place orders while keeping a close eye on the current price.

2. They provide the users to use any kind of chart they wish too, including candlestick charts, bar charts, line charts and Heikin-Ashi charts. These charts can be displayed in different time frames too.

3. IQ Option offers a range of graphic tools like trend lines and Fibonacci to assist the traders.

4. The platform offers a range of widgets that provide the traders with greater control and access. Some of the widgets include Traders’ Deals, News, Volume etc.

IQ Option also offers the users the option to open a free demo account. The platform is very easy-to use and navigate.  IQ Option also offers a mobile application for convenience of the users. To know more about the broker or how to use the platform, please visit:


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The swing trading strategy is often sought out by the beginners when trading Forex, as it is easy to learn the ropes with. The professional Forex traders also seem to trust swing trading and does it in combination with day trading or other such Forex trading strategies. The swing trader attempts to understand the wave-like patterns in the trading charts of stocks, commodities, indices and currency pairs. Swing trading strategy is prevalent in stock trading where the traders seek to gain any financial instrument or stock within an overnight hold to several weeks. In case of Forex trading, the swing can be observed usually on a trading week from Monday morning to Friday night.

Swing Trading Strategy in Forex

The market price of a currency pair general shows the relation between supply and demand at a time. The price action of an asset in case of Forex trading shows the uptrends, downtrends and range contraction or consolidation. The pattern can be observed in the form of a released spring on the chart. The uptrend can be determined when the consecutive High is higher than its previous High, and the consecutive Low is placed higher than its previous Low. A downtrend can be observed when the situation is the opposite.

The swing trader has to understand the pattern early on and Open the position as soon as possible. Several Forex swing traderstend to hold onto their positions through multiple swings if the underlying trend remains strong. The swing pattern will fall apart if the underlying trend breaks. Swing trading in Forex cannot be specifically said to be short-term trading strategy or long-term trading. This type of trading usually occurs on the medium term timeframe. The beginners may find the swing trading strategy to be quite challenging and they do not need to bear the mental stress usually observed in day trading. The swing trading strategy can also be strengthened with the help of other Forex trading strategies.

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Are you strapped financially yet cannot arrange a loan from banks? If your credit score is the issue, the option of no credit check will act as a viable choice. Today, many lenders offer such types of loans. Even with no credit or bad credit, you can apply for a loan and get funding fast.

How does it work?

Loans with no credit check will allow a consumer to access huge sums of money and make the payments over time. Though no credit card is needed the borrower will need to provide banking information and income proof for consideration. On approval, the bank disburses the funds generally in a single business day.

The Real Drawbacks

There are unfortunately some major drawbacks related to this loan these include,

? High Rate of Interest– It caters to consumers of high-risk with limited borrowing options and poor credit. No wonder the rate of interest is excessive for hedging against the danger of default.
? Fees– The fees of loan origination are common in case of both no credit check and traditional loan. Sometimes these loans are accompanied via steep late payment as well as early termination fees if you plan to make early repayment.
? Longer Repayment Period– No credit check loans, unlike the payday loan, have extended repayment periods. It may appear as a gift if the monthly payments are budget-friendly, but actually, this is a curse in disguise. Now the question is why? The rate of interest is through the roof already and making just the monthly payments will give the lender to gather more interest. (more…)

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Many of us know that Forex is the largest financial market in the world. Therefore it is no surprise that the Canadians are well invested with the whole ordeal. You might think that the Canadians known for their politeness would avoid dealing with finance as much as possible, but you would be wrong. The CAD is considered to be one of the major currencies of the Forex market and sees quite a lot of activity with traders. However, there are questions to be answered about how the Northern country deals with the Forex brokers located within its borders. How do they regulate them, who is the regulator? So on and so on.

The Canadian Securities Administration has quite clear guidelines for companies looking to offer Forex trading services. First things first, it is very important that these companies are registered in the province from which they are operating in. The reason being an easy accessibility from the Administration. By knowing the exact location helps to identify any suspicious activity and deal with it on the spot.

There are also additional institutions that need to be contacted. All of the Canadian Forex brokers here are also registered with Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC), because of their services in Forex connected to margin.

Multiple Registrations

Although many may think that the best places to have an operating office are Toronto, Ontario or Quebec, the CSA also provides the ability for these brokerages to have their listings in more than one province. Therefore having to operate all over the country, which spans over 6 separate time zones. Thanks to the length of the country, brokers are able to operate in completely different time zones while under the same regulatory framework. Although the time zone difference is no big deal for Forex, it is still a good addition for a broker to have multiple offices worldwide. (more…)