By Karen Starich

In last weeks update I warned about the Mars transit at 28-29 degrees Aquarius May 11th that would signify trouble for the financials – money going into a black hole.  My prediction became apparent on Monday, suddenly the markets got whiff of something amiss, started to sell off, and signaled the bounce from March 23rd is not all that bouncy anymore. 
On Tuesday, according to Zerohedge, The Federal Reserve, for the 1st time ever entered a very strange new era of market price support and started buying corporate bond ETF’s through Blackrock – to the tune of $305 million.  Blackrock may be running out of money and another market crash may be on the horizon in order to reset the Fed’s buying parameters.  A chain reaction seems to be setting up as banking institutions and the government are moving quickly in response to the Fed’s actions.  Seems now a panic is ensuing, no one wants to get caught in the event horizon of this black hole the Fed has created.  On May 12th PNC financial Services Group moved quickly to sell it’s 22.4% stake in Blackrock.  Nancy Pelosi, echoing the same sort of panic, requests Congress to approve an additioanl 3 trillion in stimulus.
A rare and very important eclipse will peak out over India and China and then pass directly over Taiwan on June 21, 2020 at 0 degrees Cancer.  The eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer is important for a number of reasons.  First, eclipses in the opening degree of Cancer and Capricorn are very rare.  Eclipses occur in what are called Saros and Metonic cycles.  A Saros cycle is 18 years and 11 days.  There are 204 Saros cycles and each can contain 69 to 86 eclipses.  The family of eclipses do not repeat exactly as they overlap with each other.  The Metonic cycle is an exact recurrence of the same eclipse at the same degree every 19 years for a series of 4 to 5 eclipses.  We are in a rare Metonic cycle of eclipses at 0 degrees Cancer, there will be 4 of them, the first was on 6/21/01. 


By Michael Adams

If you could use some funding to take care of a situation right now, don’t feel alone. Just about everyone needs a loan at one time or another. Even if you have a few credit issues, don’t assume that obtaining a loan is out of the question. You can check with lenders and easily determine if you qualify for loans for bad credit in Toronto. As you begin the search, keep in mind that most lenders will require that you meet certain qualifications. Here are some common examples of what you will encounter.

Confirmation of Your Identity

Providing proof that you are who you claim to be is one of the essentials. This can be done by supplying information that leaves no doubt about your identity. If you’re not sure what to provide, rest assured that the lender will provide a list of acceptable documents. One of them will be some form of government issued identification.

Your Income Level

While there are lenders who specialize in working with applicants with less than perfect credit, it’s still necessary to provide proof of your income. That income must exceed what the lender considers a minimum monthly amount. As long as you do meet this requirement, the odds of being approved are a little higher.

Don’t make assumptions about what a particular lender considers sufficient income. That figure can vary based on the loan type as well as the lender. Once you determine that your income is enough to meet the basic requirement, feel free to proceed with the application.

Acceptable Forms of Income

There’s another point about your income that must be considered. Some lenders are open to all sorts of legitimate income. Others may only accept certain kinds of income sources. It’s up to you to find out which forms of income the lender will take into consideration. (more…)

By Michael Adams

You already know that a conviction for driving under the influence can have a profound effect on your life. What you may not realize is that it could have an effect on how you function in the financial community as an investor or as an advisor or broker. Depending on where the event took place and what provincial laws apply as well as national laws, you may find that someone like Jeff Mass, Toronto DUI lawyer would want to go over the types of adjustments you would need to make. Here are a few examples to consider.

Using Assets to Settle Judgments

If other people were injured as the result of your actions, there’s the potential for facing a number of lawsuits. Not all of your investments would be protected from those suits. In fact, it’s possible that quite a few of them would need to be sold to settle any judgments that the courts eventually award to the plaintiffs. You may or may not be able to eventually replace those assets and get your portfolio back to the same level of worth.

The Impact on Your Status as a Financial Advisor

What sort of standards allow you to function as a financial advisor? Those can vary from firm to firm. If you are convicted, that could place your ability to provide financial advice in jeopardy. Should that come to pass, how would you go about earning a living?

While your skill set may translate well into other settings, keep in mind that your DUI conviction will remain on your record for some time. There will be potential employers who will see that as a barrier to providing you with a position that includes access to proprietary data. In short, the conviction could negatively impact your ability to earn a living now and in the years to come.

Participation in Some Types of Investment Opportunities

By Michael Adams

Real estate is traditionally a sound investment. That’s why you own several parcels of commercial property. You’re thinking about refinancing the mortgage on one of those recently acquired properties. Would this approach really make much of a difference? The answer is yes. With the aid of one of the Clover mortgage refinance options , you can strengthen your financial position. Here are some examples of what refinancing could do for you.

Free Up Some of Your Cash Flow

If the current mortgage is two or three years old, choosing to refinance could allow you to enjoy lower payments without having to extend the mortgage term. Think of what that means to your monthly cash flow. There will be more money that you can use for other investments, making improvements to different properties, or otherwise improving your financial situation. As long as the refinancing doesn’t come with fees and charges that offset the reduction in the monthly mortgage payment, you’ll be able to accomplish more with what you have coming in.

Lock in Lower Interest Rates

Adjustable rate mortgages are great since they often come with a lower fixed rate on the front end. What happens when the term with the fixed rate expires and the variable rate kicks in? You might do quite well or that mortgage may end up costing a lot more.

If you project that the fluctuations in rates will do more harm than good, now is the time to think about refinancing. Go with a fixed rate commercial mortgage that locks in the lower rate for the duration of the financing. Along with no surprises due to changing interest rates, it will be a lot easier to budget.

And Maybe Shorten the Financing Term