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During day trading, the investor buys and sells the stocks multiple times per day to leverage the small volatilities of the pricing of the assets. Becoming a day trader is a lucrative career opportunity for many job holders and freelancers. Since it does not involve a physical location or time-bound activities, day trading is rapidly growing in popularity as a career option for the youth of the country.

Beginners should remember that all liquid stocks are suitable for day trading since they are cheaper than the other stocks. The most suited stocks for day-trading include the ones that exhibit higher levels of volatility. Day trading is especially popular due to its high flexibility and accessibility. Several brokerages allow day trading, and you can conduct it from virtually anywhere, including your home or the gym sauna. It is a lucrative career opportunity for new traders, who want to adopt day trading as their primary career option.

How should you trade?

Learning to day trade is not as tricky as many make it out to be. When you have the right sources of information, experienced guide and expert advice to fall back on, day trading can quickly turn into your money-making vocation.

Here are six actionable tips from the most prosperous day traders –

i. Forget emotional attachment to stocks

While day trading, it is impractical to become attached to a particular stock. The only way to master day trading is by observing the patterns in the price fluctuations of the stocks using objective technical analysis. For example – when you make $1000 one day by trading Apple stocks (NVDA), don’t become attached to it. The next day, some lesser-known stocks might bring you a fortune that you may have never expected.

Similarly, there is no need to believe that a particular stock bears a curse since it has cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

ii. Trade with “disposable” money

Begin day trading with money you can afford to lose. It is essential to consider potential losses, even before you take your first step. It is the only way you can restrict the amount you invest.

Never indulge more than you can afford to lose. (more…)

By Charlie Brown

Perhaps the most important decision you would make in your adult life is to choose the right family lawyer to represent you. If you can choose the correct family lawyer, then you would be able to have a better chance of winning your case in court. Good family lawyers will always help in your representation in all legal proceedings. They would always help in letting you get more favourable results. You will need to ask some essential questions to your family lawyer before you are able to choose them finally. These questions shall also concern their fees and payments which you would need to be making. This article will help you make you understand some of these questions which you need to ask your lawyer before you hire them.

1. Has your lawyer ever faced in sort of sanctions for any ethics violations previously? 

There are a lot of attorneys who will work with high standards in their ethics and the manner in which they practice law or provide their services to clients. Every state has bar associations which have strict codes of conduct and rules, and at times some attorneys may also face certain restrictions in the form of sanctions and disciplinary actions in the form of punishments for their professional misconduct. You should check if your lawyer has had any such sanction imposed on him or her in the past.

Grievances against a family lawyer can extend up to simple reprimands, suspensions, restitution, prohibitions and also revocations of their licenses and they may be barred from practising in a specific state. These can happen for simple reasons like when a lawyer forgets to pay his dues to the bar association. However, if a lawyer indulges in professional misconducts, then they may be suspended and also get expelled from the bar. Hence, you will need to choose a lawyer who has a sound character and is competent enough to help you win your case. (more…)

By Charlie Brown

Real estate industry presents ample investment scopes! For the ones who are willing to be in this sector for the long haul, commercial real estate investment can be a game changer. However, when it’s about taking the first step, investors don’t know how to go about it. It is because they lack the necessary experience and vision. And one wrong decision can rob all your profits and ruin your commercial real estate investment game.

Do you resonate with this? Are eager to make your commercial real estate investment, but are fearful of diving in? Fret not! That’s a good sign which suggests you need to get trained. To know more on this, you can search for commercial real estate training Austin . Also, it is essential to keep a few smart tips and guidance handy. Discussed below are easy rules and tips that expert commercial real estate investors suggest:

1. Manage your finance systematically

Manage your funds before you decide to invest! Always try to place yourself in a better investing position. You choose to pay down or even consolidate the debt that will help to enhance your credit score. All these will enable you to acquire a real estate investment loan seamlessly. Also, try and save for the down payment. A significant amount for a down payment is the best solution. It minimizes the monthly payments, the risks, and also the insurance cost.

2. Never skip your research

Your investment is as good and smart as your research! You need to know the intricacies about real estate investment as well as property management. You can also touch upon the landlord duty basics and know all the investment basics. It will help you steer clear from the apparent pitfalls. Real estate investment is challenging and exciting. There will be moments of dilemma. To become successful as an investor, you need to have an exhaustive research base. (more…)

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As explained in this article in Time Magazine, the Babylonians are credited with first attributing to the changing seasons to the alignment of the stars, sun, and earth. The Egyptians had a superior dedication to the study of astrology. This was a very important revelation in those days. The stars were needed to predict dangerous weather, sickness, and famine. Kings commanded armies based on the position of the stars. People were sometimes killed because of a consult with the stars. God was often “seen” in sun-spots. It was the positioning of the sun and Earth that created the astronomical chart. But, astrology and the study of stars, and the zodiac and star charts came into its own when the greeks came on the scene. With there own science and ideas, some of them more advanced than the Egyptians. When they combined their efforts they had a science backed studies more complex than anything they had seen before.

Lucky Signs For Players of 2019!

This year, experts tell us that there are three signs that are going to draw luck and positivity to them. They are, Pisces, Aries, and Taurus. If you are an adult and you like to gamble, this is your time. Read on, maybe you will discover that you are born under the luckiest star signs. 

A straight line was drawn from the center of the earth, past the sun, in exact measurements in conjunction with the calendar. This formed a “V.” The three months that were inside the lines of the months and date were assigned the name and star symbol that was identified in the open space of the “V” above the date. (more…)