I always prefer to search for strength and one area that caught my eye tonight is the Chilean market. With a 35% correction taking away most of the gains from the last 2 years, I believe we’ve finally hit some decent support levels. If you wanted to invest in an up and coming country, you can do so through this Chilean Index Fund.

I’ve also included some of the stronger stocks that I could find if you wanted individual exposure.


2 Responses to “Pockets Of Strength In Chile”

  1. No Tribe Says:

    Malaysia too. Am looking to aggressively sell 3x bear etf in EDZ, DPK, maybe even YANG, if I am 90% comfortable with entry. Liquidity nearly non-existent, so need to have a solid entry with enough rope to leg in further if averaging is needed. Likely strategy is to sell a call ratio spread and buy a put at the higher strike. This allows for being wrong (say we have that 10% drop) and dumping the profitable calls and going naked with a stop at the high where sold.

    Others are 2x’s BOM, DTO, and 3x’s COWS, MATS, MWN, SOXS, and TZA for like-minded strategies.

    All for Jan spreads.

  2. DP Says:

    Chile is closely correlated to Coppe r prices. ETF´s CU and JJC and HG_F futures – keep it in mind when trading them.

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