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NOPE! UNREAL! Yesterday we said while at the Wash Rinse Repeat lows of the micro trading range :

“With Baited Breath”

So from here we either build out a bear channel (if going that route) or support holds and right back to the highs in chop-fest fashion.

And here we are right back to the highs of the micro range, UNREAL. Right back to a DON’T BLINK market environment.


60 Minute Time Frequency Index charts


Our Game Plan

2-8 Folks, given these index charts ? I can’t I just can’t step up and be a buyer of anything right here. I want to, I really want to BUT we are going to stick to our discipline and not chase this bus here no matter how hard that is to do right now mentally. That all said? Honestly look at the longside watch list though. The bulk of it is still in Pullback Off Highs mode with no real triggers aside from FDO,DLTR (which we’ll cover in more detail below).


One Response to “Everything Points To Resistance Straight Ahead”

  1. Thinksmart Says:

    Nice research, nice work!

    The big day next week is Wednesday with the Retail Sales (US). The China market will be closed all week for New Year Holiday.

    Unless a bad new came from Europe, we will go challenge the 14147 (historic high)on the DOW the S&P will try to go higher than 1525-1530 and the Nasdaq try to close in the 3200 area….

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