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I decided last weekend to separate the gold and silver update because it needed more time than I was able to dedicate to it with the rest of the market information.  I want to start with the CME controversy regarding MF Global client funds that were confiscated.  As I was thinking about the Mafia style actions of the CME and the CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade) freezing traders funds and then not allowing them into the building as if they were the criminals, I remembered something very symbolic about the actual CBOT building that gave me a chill.  I have done quite a few astrology projections  regarding CORN in my updates and on Zentrader.  To get my analysis I use the transits of the asteroid Ceres, named after the Greek goddess Demeter, who governed agriculture.  Ceres (cereal) was considered the goddess of the harvest.

Not surprisingly a large stylized statue of Ceres sits perched on the top of the CBOT building in Chicago.  The statue holds a sheaf of wheat and a grain sample bag, which is symbolic of the commerce that takes place at the CBOT.  The statue is quite a famous landmark and many people go to great lengths to get a better glimpse of it.  The statue may be beautiful however there is a dark side to it’s meaning that is symbolic of something entirely different.  Ceres, in certain sectors of astrology, represents also “the godfather of business” and is the most materialistic planet.  The attitude is “me first” “money  first” and “business first” which pretty much sums up the CBOT and the CME.  The godfather personality of the CME is going to really become apparent in December.  The CME is not going to budge, the Fed is not going to budge, and unfortunately for the traders wanting their money back,  this is going to drag out for months.  Ironically Uranus, the planet that rules “crazy” and sudden shocking events will make a rare conjunction with Ceres on the Aries axis (world power) on (premium content).  This date also lines up with harsh transits in the Fed chart that suggest a financial meltdown and the Fed acting like a dictator with an iron fist.  The entire month of January looks particularly stressed for Gold.  I will be adding to my outlook in January in coming weeks.

On December 12, 2011 Pluto will make a conjunction to Ceres in the Fed chart that will carry into the fall of 2012.  This transit is very ominous and suggests a move that is a covert attempt to take over farming land and agriculture.  Many farmers use the futures markets to help lock in profits on their harvests.  Farmers were also among those harmed in the MF Global scandal.  Their losses could impact their farming profits and their ability to profit in 2012.


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2 Responses to “Farmer’s Losses Will Have a Ripple Affect”

  1. Rajesh Says:

    Yr gold sell call went precisely as you predicted. Gr8 call. Hope you don’t question my motive here for commenting on the blog on your call!

  2. bob Says:


    Her calls in regards to the stock market have been just as prescient. No motive here but I want to give credit when credit is due.


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