When looking at the Put Call chart our only guidelines to use are where we’ve been in the past and base our analysis off of that. The values of .80 and .85 are quite high readings of fear and the markets usually find some sort of short-term bottom . While we are not there yet, fear is starting to climb, but we have a little way to go before I would try to play a bounce. I personally am not a fan of buying weakness, but I know many who are and this info is more directed to them.

Two particular stocks that I’m stalking on the long side that have had nice pullbacks are VMW and CRM.



3 Responses to “Put Call Ratio Chart Suggests Fear is Climbing”

  1. Merc Says:

    It’s definitely getting into nose bleed territory.

    On another topic, I wonder if you might want to talk about or even recommend an online broker. I’m thinking of switching mine due to its lack of charts and information. Any thoughts? I’ve heard some bad things about Think or Swim lately since TD Ameritrade has taken them over.

  2. jeremy Says:


  3. Abdul Rahim Says:

    Think or Swim platform most easy to use. Let see if Put buyers win this time.

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