By Karen Starich

Bernanke increased the money supply, as I predicted he would, except there is no secret to his vast 40 billion per month QE3. September 13th is truly a turning point and what has transpired with Bernanke’s decision, in my view, is a blatant misuse of power and could lead to his own undoing.

Based on what I see with the transits to the U.S. chart and Pluto moving direct in a few days, there was no need for additional QE, the economy was going to improve anyway and was most likely evident in certain statistical government algorithms on September 13th.  Bernanke most likely made a political move to preempt those numbers to force his own agenda for power.

The narrative for additional QE was not gaining traction in Congress, or with the people, and considering Ron Paul’s relentless reminders about the Federal Reserve’s secret financial deals,  Bernanke most likely decided to make no secret of what the Fed is doing (they were all ready doing it or Citigroup would be bankrupt) by taking over the the financial directive of the nation right now.  The market rally is to get the people to acquiesce to the Fed’s misuse of power.

What Bernanke has done is most likely designed to support the banking core and has nothing to do with the general economy, but will appear that it did because the economy was going to move ahead in Q4 anyway, with or without the bankers.  What the Fed has done is a complete charade!

There are powerful transits to the US. chart however that suggest the people (Saturn square Pluto) are becoming more aware of the secrets and attitudes of the financial elite and are more willing to challenge ‘business as usual’ within the banking institutions.  September 13th is a mark in history that will have ramifications well into the future.

What will be interesting to watch is how the disorganized politicians try to go after Bernanke.  The Fed chairman is very brilliant and very cunning, and there are no politicians in sight who are his equal, and so we will watch a pathetic attempt to corner him.  There is only one person whom I think could stop him and that is Ron Paul.  Not because he is a brilliant or cunning politician, but because he has a pure heart.

So, this will be the most interesting feat to watch how Ron Paul will frustrate Bernanke with his simplistic words, and the the reason why I suggested in past updates that America has a turning point on September 13th that is positive for the nation.  George Washington won the hearts of the people in America, not because he was a brilliant politician, in fact his public speeches were quite beige, but because he had a pure heart!

The following is an excerpt from the Sept 16 premium update by Karen Starich. Karen uses astrology to forecast events in the financial markets. Astrology Traders provides specific dates and in-depth analysis of future events for the financial markets through weekly updates, trade alerts, and educational webinars.

5 Responses to “QE3 Was A Blatant Misuse Of Power”

  1. Mark suggs Says:

    I figures that Bernanke wanted Obama reelected. My intuition told me that. That is why I questioned your view that Obama would lose the election. Mark

  2. pimaCanyon Says:

    Karen has said that Obama would lose the election? Sadly, I believe that’s likely. The Republicans, who have become the American Taliban, a fundamentalist, extremist party, will take all, President, House, and Senate, by hook or crook. It may be time for rational Americans to think seriously about emigrating.

  3. jeff pierce Says:

    Everytime I hear that phrase “by hook or crook” I think of my all time favorite tv show “the prisoner”.

    thx for the comment and I think most of gov’t are crooks. power corrupts.

  4. Earl Says:

    What U.S. chart do you use when you make reference to it?

    QE is an asset swap not money printing as many mistakenly believe. It does nothing for the economy but does goose stocks and other assets.

    Bernanke may have heard Romney calling for his head and decided to strike first. He may write a travel book after he retires titled, “Taking Revenge in D.C. on 40 Billion a Month”

  5. Karen Starich Says:

    You are right Earl. QE is not money printing but that is the narrative they want people to accept. The charade is how the Fed is creating a new currency that is electronic–not ‘real dollars’

    There is an important difference because the American people want to hold dollars and the Fed wants to destroy it but cannot as long as people want to continue to hold it. There have been many who suggest the creation of a new currency to replace the dollar. Well, that is what the Fed is doing with QE. They are creating a new currency that is not the dollar.

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