It would be interesting if you guys would leave a comment and say whether you’re buying into this carnage, sitting on the sidelines, or shorting actively. Call it a zentrader sentiment reading if you will.


12 Responses to “Random Musings About Today’s Selloff”

  1. Chris Says:

    Thanks — always appreciate your sensible approach Jeff. I guess volume cuts both ways here — any volume spike would either be a sign of capitulation or if the Fed does something magical a significant rally.

  2. Larry Says:

    thanks for all your correct calls for going short and long….u r da man…Karen does a great job also… a positive asset

  3. Mike Says:

    Buying, expecting a bounce.

  4. dp Says:

    short via bgz and tza. buying bgu and tna in small quantities every 5.00 move lower with the idea that at 1040 s/p i will be 60/40 short still

  5. robin Says:

    selling my longs on the way down. not sure how far it still has to go. expected capitulation for days, and it continues down. was on the wrong side of the trade for too long, but plan to have some capital left when it bottoms. i think any rally will be sold for a while.

  6. jeremy Says:

    Quick hit and run trades using near strike OTM Puts on momo names. Working well, but taking profits WAY to soon. If I had the kahoonas to hold them overnight many would be 4 or 5 baggers, where I was happy to snip 20-30% – Oh well don’t go broke taking profits.

    Really interested in Oct. SLV OTM Calls somewhere around the $42 strike price. JP Morgan (Blythe Masters) are in serious trouble with their Silver Short manipulation – October is when the paper shorts should get squeezed.



  7. nicholas Says:

    Chinese CPI just released and was higher than expected. Most of the move was food price inflation. This is not good news. This was saposed to be the saving grace to halt the sell off. I think we are in a new bear market. Only this time it’s not going to knife straight down…No… It’s going to be death buy a thousand paper cuts with lots of sucker rallies and traps…that the algos just love..

  8. jay Says:

    All cash!! waiting for the bid/ask to get back to normal in ES for signs of buying & bounce. Watching WLL & CLR for small scale buys. They are sitting on alot of oil in my area of western ND

  9. Mark Says:

    still holding tza and will add more in ant serious bounce; just began to nibble at some income stuff; MUNI CEF with big discounts; TEF with huge dividend; I expect the income stuff to bounce as long only funds further emphasize dividends going forward. but 75 cash overall

  10. abdul Says:

    Market moving too fast for day trade on ES and NQ and I missed some good trades. One thing I remind myself again that just like tsunami, never underestimate a momentum in progress, never trade against a trend and never be in a trade without a stop lose in place. I am also looking for swing trade on AIR, F, XRX, LUV.

  11. Cristian Says:

    buys, FAS, BGU, TNA, AGQ – 1/4 of normal trading size

  12. James Says:

    net long – bought on aug. 2 and 3 thinking the ‘debt’ deal would calm markets – went short today (H&M puts), made a 67% return in less than an hour… overall, unrealized loss of 20% – considering adding more longs…

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