Recently Discovered Video Interview with Seth KlarmanBuffett says one of the few he would feel comfortable managing his money is Klarman

Bears Give Up– Biggest switch in sentiment in 7 years (look for more of this in the media)

Demystifying Meditation – brain imaging illustrates how meditation reduces pain

Understanding trading patterns Science can explain patterns in the market

Noteworthy tweets

If you don’t think that the line between the “real” world and your “web-based” world is getting exponentially thinner by the day think again¬†@yoyo_trader
t took 19 years for companies to recoup 67% loss from the Great Depression. This time, the 92% loss will be recouped in 2.5 years. @eddyelfenbein
Any target you can calculate someone else can calculate and game it a penny or two better. (Avoid the peaks). @gratefultrader
And it’s the reason we disagreed with Nasdaq being called the most important index, this used to be true, but not anymore. @hcpg
We don’t believe in any pattern on daily charts except for trendlines and bases. No head and shoulders, no wedges. @hcpg
Most traders take a few losses and abondon the method that works. Then they skip the next entry and it explodes higher without them. @danzanger
Plato said the gold/silver ratio was 12. Alexander Hamilton pegged it at 15. Today it’s trending toward 36 which is a 28-year low. @eddyelfenbein

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