By Charlie Brown

Brainstorming ideas for your fence might be the hardest thing. Just a fence can change the nature of your outdoor space and therefore, it is important to get it right from the start. A fence can be used for security, partitioning, creating a privacy screen and even augmenting the aesthetics of a space. There is nothing as bad as prying eyes in your backyard or a stray pet when you are trying to have a personal moment in your garden. This means that a fence is an essential accessory for any piece of property. The local legislation would require fencing for specific reasons or as a matter of aesthetics.

Boundary for your property and security

With the personal space quickly shrinking in the modern world, fences help to demarcate areas and show the difference between personal or private and public spaces. They are a deterrent to trespassing and intrusion and serve as a visual screen for people and animals. As a matter of regulation, some fixtures such as swimming pools have to be fenced by the owners to prevent potential accidents. Particularly of importance is people who keep a lot of pets and do not want them to stray. Be it a horse or a dog, fences give you the peace of mind that your animals will be safe from any potential harm and that they will not be a nuisance to other people.

Cover for unsavory sights and privacy 

Some particularly unpleasant places need the cover of a fence or a hedge to cover up the eyesore. Decorative fences include picket fences and some vinyl fences. They spruce up and provide visual appeal to spaces besides being a security installment. In crowded areas, barriers are the difference between the peace of mind you need and having to look for a new house. They prevent intrusion from neighbors and ensure that your backyard remains your escape from all the hassles of life. The best privacy fences are those with no spacing in between them. They are an assurance of personal sovereignty.

Regulations for constructing fences

Despite these various functions, it does not mean that the fence has to be drab looking. There is always a disconnect between functionality and the aesthetic values of a fence. This is partly due to local authorities playing a big hand in the design of the fence. The heights, detailing and even material are highly controlled as a matter of municipal planning and even uniformity in gated communities. It is intuitive that front yard fences have to maintain a low profile while imagination can go full blown with the backyard fence. Some installations such as a hedge fence will be a very good buffer from the vagaries of nature. They provide acoustic shields while also providing a nice contrast with the house.


In summation, when choosing a fence, you have to be clear about its purpose. It would help in the decision of hiring and firing a fence contractor. Whether it is for blocking unsavory sights or snooping neighbors, you should be clear with yourself and your contractor on what you want to be achieved with the fence. It is of no use to sink money in a quality fence but one that does not meet your needs. The same also goes for house hunting; a fence should be one of those priority features to look for in your new house.

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