First off, I have no love for the media and this short interview illustrates the exact reason why. It astounds me how blatantly negative the media remains on Ron Paul despite all he stands for and everything he’s accomplished.

The anchor just has to start the interview off stating that Paul “hasn’t one a single caucus yet” and is quickly corrected by Mary Willison that he has in fact won in the Virgin Islands (albeit a small win, a win is a win) and has had the strongest showing as far as “delegates are concerned and that is what actually wins the race.”

What really burns me up is the media knows the human psychology that the masses like to back a winner. Why else do you see so many frontrunners when it comes to sports. Everyone always jumps on the bandwagon, so if the media can portray that Paul is incapable of winning, then they in fact have the power to shape perception and eventually reality.

The interviewer’s next question or rather statement is that “It’s likely that Ron Paul isn’t going to make it to the White House, so what is next for Ron Paul?” At this point I give a lot of credit to Mary for taking these cheap shots in stride, while retaining her composure stating,  “we’re only half way through this thing” and mentions how Paul’s crowds continue to grow as they wake up to the current political construct.

Finally Liz does compliment Ron Paul with her 3rd question….but to no surprise her 4th question is another jab masked as a compliment “maybe if he doesn’t win this time around, what will the voters look for in the next 20 years.” I don’t even really understand that question to be honest, but what I do know is that three out of her first four questions are derogatory in nature and she should be ashamed of this sort of reporting.

And if the youth are truly our future…then the future is bright for Ron Paul and candidates like him who represent real change, not what the voters were promised four years ago.

As the interview is wrapping up, I think it’s so ironic that Mary finds the window to say that our schools and media are essentially lying to us.  SO TRUE.

And then right at the close it sounds like the hosts final question is “if he weren’t to win the nomination”….but I can’t really make out what she says and the context of Mary’s response doesn’t make it totally clear. What do you think she says?


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