Grab your morning coffee and enjoy some articles and podcasts that I felt were worth sharing. The weekends are a time to sleep in and do some enjoyable reading this isn’t so time sensitive.

Isolated Curiosities – Fractals, chaos theorists, and quantitative guessing from Hedgeye…

Here’s the proof day trading is dead – I’m going to agree to disagree on this one. The markets are continually changing and the strategy of daytrading is not immune to that rule. Be flexible or become extinct…

Why It Doesn’t Feel Like a Recovery – Interesting interactive chart detailing a bunch of gov’t statistic mumbo jumbo.

John Embry: Chief Investment Strategist for Spott Precious Minerals Fund – (Podcast – 20min) Eric King has a way of asking great questions. I always found him to be one of the most entertaining and informative when he was a guest on Financial NewsSense.

A Trader’s Guide to Hedging Strategies – Part 1 – “Flipping a coin with 3-2 odds is a bet you want all day long, while collecting sea shells ahead of a tsunami is best avoided.”

Drowning in Sweat – this site is that good it gets 2 nods.

The Power of Crowds – and why you look like a fool when you follow them.

Noteworthy tweets…
…Chorus of “Market will sell on QE2 news next Wed.” may all be dead-on right…only the mkt may rise another 5+% further in the meantime. – @centrifugal
…is day trading dead? Hell no. Has it changed? Hell yes. For the better? @marketmonk
If this is Lord of the Flies, I guess I’m Piggy. $MCP shorts sticking it 2me. @centrifugal
Despite the tired feel of the indexes, leading Darvas stocks are continuing to climb higher or at least staying above key support levels. @darvastrader
Positions stay alive until stopped out or profit target is met. There is no discretionary escape hatch. @jackdamn
People are amazing –  Lets finish this with a 5 minute clip that will amaze you 5 different ways.
“Good trading is a peculiar balance between the conviction to follow your ideas and the flexibility to recognize when you have made a mistake.”
~Michael Steinhardt

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