By Kerd Viyu

There are many reasons you may want the services of an electrician for your house. It may be that you want to create a new room and you want the wiring of that room to be prepared as one of the first activities you want to undertake. Another reason you may want the help of an electrician is when you want to renovate a room that is already being used and you want to change its purpose, for example, change an extra bedroom into a music studio.This will mean that the wiring of that room will have to be redone so that the premises serves the purpose that you intend it to serve. Repairing a present wiring system of a room is also a situation where you will need a professional electrician.When one of the sockets in a certain room is not working or a certain switch has become very dangerous, you will have to get the whole system evaluated. Hiring a qualified and well organized electrician is one of the best solutions you can taketo solve the difficult and complicated issues in your house. Hiring an electrician can also help you save the money you might have used trying to fix the damages you would have made if you opted to do the wiring yourself. Here are some tips to get the right electrician for you:

  • Make sure the electrician is qualified and has a license.There are many people out there who may want to extort money from you by approaching you with the title of a professional electrician. One of the very first things you should investigate about an electrician is whether the individual is licensed under the local authorities, with an up-to- date license. Most electricians that work with organizations like are very legitimate. This will give you some assurance that the individual must have gone through some evaluation by the local authorities to validate that the services being offered will be up to standard. Another major thing is that you should ensure that the electrician is insured with the right insurance cover for the job, so just in case there happens to be an unfortunate incident, you will not have to bear with the damages.
  • Have an understanding on the amount of payment and completion time. You should ask the time schedule from the electrician so that you are able to work accordingly around the time given by the individual in a way that will not interrupt you or anyone else living in that house. Ensure that the price list includes the details of what exactly you are paying for like the labor that was undertaken and the prices of the materials that were used. It will be beneficial to you if you keep the first payment low and that the work schedule and the completion time actually reconcile.


Kerd Viyu has a masters degree in electrical engineering. He has worked for several oil and gas power plants. He currently owns a company that provides electricians to clients in his hometown who need help with electrical issues. He is also partnered with

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