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Or shall we say the “What To Look Forward To!”

12-2 Per the index action at the beginning of this newsletter. If the markets do break down and retest the lows of November it ought to drag everything with it. Here is just one of the many names on our short side watch list we’re watching if we do start to sell off next week.

The key words here for next week are: DECISIVE and WITH CONVICTION. How will we know? Name after name on this list below will break channels to the downside (decisively and with conviction) and won’t look back. Again don’t bet the farm on this, just BE AWARE (notice we said be aware not beware? That’s to keep you from getting scared or excited depending upon your mindset). As usual we’ll take it a step at a time around here.

The following is from Friday’s mid day premium update from All About Trends. Subscribers receive daily commentary and a weekend wrap-up. Experience our accurate market analysis, trading methodology, and stock selection to raise your equity curve for only $20 for the first two months. That is an incredible deal, but before you spend money, give our free newsletter a try to see what we’re all about and grab a free report here. 

3 Responses to “Short Side Coming Attraction”

  1. Dan Krudys Says:

    Jeff, I am not receiving the daily commentary, nor the weekend wrap-up.
    What else should I be viewing? So far as a subscriber I haven’t received any PROFITABLE actionable trades from your service.
    I want to be a believer and long termer with you, but have not gotten any tangible guidance. What do you suggest? Am I not getting the alerts/ picks/ instructions? Please help me, regards, Dan

  2. jeff pierce Says:

    Everything is on the twitter feed. I update it every day with a watchlist of names and given that we’re in a downtrend it’s no surprise that the list is small. This is not an alert service as it is a trading methodology with some techniques to buy and sell stocks out of the pool of names I supply to you. I priced it extremely low but it does require some effort on your part. If I knew your trading style and whether you trade stocks/options and how often you trade I may be able to provide some tips on how to best use this service. I’ve also added timing signals for the Dow and TSX, which are only found in tradewithZEN to take advantage of shorting opportunities. You haven’t asked me a single question on twitter as I make myself available to all subscribers and have answered every single question, most with videos, on how best to use the service and even if other’s want me to look at a stock that is in their own portfolio. I hardly think it’s fair to come here and openly criticize me when there is more you can be doing as well. For $15/month (which is what you are paying) you will not find what I do anywhere else.

    Trading Methodology
    Focus List of stocks each day
    Timing signals for 3 markets
    Personalized responses
    Micro lessons on stocks

  3. jeff pierce Says:

    my advice is to be more active on the twitter thread. just today I had two compliments on a trade idea I presented today.

    “Good stuff Jeff! Your lessons demystify. :^)” @mastersnan

    “Love this idea & how you presented it. How long would u give it to find support @26.85 before buying? Thanks!” @lisainbuffalo

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