6 Responses to “Why I Don’t Believe Silver Has Bottomed”

  1. Allan Says:

    I’m with you. I don’t believe silver has bottomed either, or gold for that matter.
    120 year cycle top in March and we are only now at the begining of a major deflationary spiral down that will wipeout most of the debt in the world and see asset prices across all sectors collapse.

    Only then can the world begin to re-grow. For the time being the USD will reign supreme regardless of how bad the situation is in the US the USD is still has reserve status and what is the alternative?

    Definitely not the JPY,GPB or the EUR and well as good as gold is it is just too illiquid and you cant pat down debt with it.


  2. J.Dostigan Says:

    Very good video analysis. I am unsure on either side because arguments on bear/bull side are very convincing. So I am not in it to play it. What’s Karen’s take on it? I know she was mid term cautious on the metals and was longer term (multi year starting Aug 2012) more constructive. Her weakness in metals call earlier was fantastic.

    Again, great analysis – very convincing to not go long silver now. But I would find it hard to short sell the metals too.

  3. Rajesh Says:

    Also feel silver may not have bottomed. We could have One final capitulation yet , maybe somewhere around 22. If 22 breaks silver highs of last year could go into the realms of history for a decade to come. Am not very bearish coz I feel there has to be money printing to delay the inevitable and that could lead to one final ferocious upmove sucking everyone in. I still see Dow going to over 14000 by dec 2012. So silver still could rise going into fall and winter. A bottOm could happen next month. Dow is behaving text book style in a bull market

  4. Rajesh Says:

    Also feel that Europe and USA could have arson rioting and civil unrest in the next 3 years

  5. rajesh Says:

    in fact feel silver should correct to its 4 yr trendline supp to 22. gold has already broken it on the downside. the logical target is 1200 for gold. if silver breaks 22 then the logical target could be 20. would be bullish on silver only if it closes with volume over 32.5.. till then would stay on the sidelines till either way a direction becomes clear.

  6. rajesh Says:

    i am slightly changing my view after yesterdays move. i would go long silver with a stop of 26.32 on a closing basis with a target of 32.5. if 26.32 breaks, then i look at silver falling to 22. if 32.5 is surpassed then the silver correction stands over with a target of 39.momentum .thus am bullish on silver till 26.32 breaks

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