It curious how the same patterns repeat in the markets. Could we be setting up for a fall? I would simple draw support/resistance lines on an intraday chart and wait for the markets to break out one way or the other to determine which way the next move is going to be.

I’ll be posting more regularly now that August is over. I normally take the last week off from blogging/trading to clear my mind and catch up on some reading.


4 Responses to “Similar Pattern Repeating?”

  1. newbie Says:

    Another interesting question might be: Why do human beings look so hard for patterns, perhaps, so hard that we find them where there are really none? Just a thought, not a challenge to your charting skills, which I totally respect.

  2. Mark Says:

    Hey Jeff
    Just a thank-you for insights which have helped me through various strategies.
    Hold on the first week of Sept the news is screaming pullback I only wish as of today I could be on the sidelines and out unfortunately I have left 65% on the table to meander through.
    Wish me luck

  3. Lioncub Says:

    Jeff, can you please give me a cpl of weakest gold stocks?

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