By Bill Williams

It is not always easy to get through to EE customer service given the many people who call in every day. To dissuade people from calling (and to encourage emails, online, SMS and other ways of contacting customer service), EE usually tacks customer care numbers in a corner in their site. If you do not have the number or you don’t want to be put on hold (very common in peak hours), you could reach an EE customer care rep through:

  1. Email
  2. EE’s many social media channels
  3. On the company’s website
  4. NGT (Next Generation Text) Service and NGT Lite App ( for those who have a problem hearing
  5. Visit to an EE store
  6. Mail

Short codes: Short codes are the easiest way to get in touch with BB. Send the code to 150 and you will get almost instant feedback. The different codes include:

  • BA: Balance and allowances
  • BILL: Recent invoices and payments
  • UP: Upgrade eligibility
  • HELP: List of BB’s most common services
  • USAGE: Unbilled costs
  • BUNDLES: Bundles/extras

Writing an email or contacting EE through their website is a good option if you have a generalized query that is not too urgent and if you have a serious issue such as a billing problem and you want a paper trail.

When would you contact EE customer service?

The most common reasons why people call EE include:

  • To determining how much capital you need for an EE franchise.
  • To know where franchise opportunities are located in the UK.
  • To determine what EE looks for in an ideal franchise.
  • To complain
  • To enquire about Wi-Fi Calling (such as how to set it up on different phones and how to text and call on it)
  • For a reconnection in case of service cancellation
  • To change a phone number
  • Problems with your data plan
  • To report billing problems
  • To update your account details
  • To determine the term of a franchise and other related information.
  • To find out more about EE, T-Mobile, and Orange
  • To find out more about the management team and the rest of the company
  • To check coverage
  • To determine cost of making calls and short codes
  • For a handset or traffic upgrade
  • To inquire on how to go about finding a job with EE

About EE 

EE Limited, previously known as Everything Everywhere, is a big British mobile network operator that is now a division of BT Group (alongside British Telecommunications and Orange). The company offers a variety of services, among them fixed line, internet services/broadband, and mobile telephony.

The company has a strong 4G network covering 98% of UK population (as of September 2016), and the double speed 4G reaches 80% of the population. Its 2G network covers 99% of the population. It launched LTE-Advanced in October 2014.

Some of the reasons for the popularity of EE are that it has the fastest 4G in the UK (faster than Vodafone, Three, and O2), unlimited home broadband plans, the pay as you go service, and the EE Community where most of your questions will be answered.

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Bill Williams deals in mobile and broadband products from EE. He offers guarantees and all his products are genuine. For more information about EE customer care services, visit this website now.

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