By Karen Starich

In last weeks update I warned about the Mars transit at 28-29 degrees Aquarius May 11th that would signify trouble for the financials – money going into a black hole.  My prediction became apparent on Monday, suddenly the markets got whiff of something amiss, started to sell off, and signaled the bounce from March 23rd is not all that bouncy anymore. 
On Tuesday, according to Zerohedge, The Federal Reserve, for the 1st time ever entered a very strange new era of market price support and started buying corporate bond ETF’s through Blackrock – to the tune of $305 million.  Blackrock may be running out of money and another market crash may be on the horizon in order to reset the Fed’s buying parameters.  A chain reaction seems to be setting up as banking institutions and the government are moving quickly in response to the Fed’s actions.  Seems now a panic is ensuing, no one wants to get caught in the event horizon of this black hole the Fed has created.  On May 12th PNC financial Services Group moved quickly to sell it’s 22.4% stake in Blackrock.  Nancy Pelosi, echoing the same sort of panic, requests Congress to approve an additioanl 3 trillion in stimulus.
A rare and very important eclipse will peak out over India and China and then pass directly over Taiwan on June 21, 2020 at 0 degrees Cancer.  The eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer is important for a number of reasons.  First, eclipses in the opening degree of Cancer and Capricorn are very rare.  Eclipses occur in what are called Saros and Metonic cycles.  A Saros cycle is 18 years and 11 days.  There are 204 Saros cycles and each can contain 69 to 86 eclipses.  The family of eclipses do not repeat exactly as they overlap with each other.  The Metonic cycle is an exact recurrence of the same eclipse at the same degree every 19 years for a series of 4 to 5 eclipses.  We are in a rare Metonic cycle of eclipses at 0 degrees Cancer, there will be 4 of them, the first was on 6/21/01. 

An eclipse at the opening degree – 0 degrees – of any sign is important, however, the opening degree of the Cardinal signs – Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, and Libra – are more significant since this is the Cardinal Cross of world power and war.  The Federal Reserve chart has its natal Pluto at 0 degrees Cancer and natal Sun at 01 degrees Capricorn.  This will make any eclipse at either 0 degrees Cancer or 0 degrees Capricorn more critical since the Fed is the leader in terms of international banking.  The first eclipse of this Metonic cycle was June 21, 2001.  We all know the events of 9/11 that occurred on the heels of this eclipse.  Prior to June 21, 2001 there has not been an eclipse in the opening degree of Cancer or Capricorn since December 22, 1889 with an eclipse at 0 degrees Capricorn.  Following the eclipse in 1889 a depression ensued along with a stock market sell-off in what was called the Silver Panic of 1893.  This was a result of the US being out of step with the rest of the world on the values set for gold and silver.  We should all question what happened to the gold in the vaults under the World Trade Center on 9/11.
A Mars transit to 0 degrees Aries on June 29, 2020 will punctuate the already significant solar eclipse on 6/21 = war.  I don’t want to sugar coat this, as I mentioned in last weeks update, get ready for the sh*t show.  It’s not going to be just a virus, there will likely be 4 or more major things going on at the same time.  To put into perspective, let’s say you are sitting in a chair and someone whacks of all four chair legs at once.  You are going to have to scramble, or fall on your butt.  That’s what we are all going to experience, be nimble, be ready for anything!
On Friday the Trump administration announced it is blocking shipments of semiconductor chips to Huawei, a Chinese multinational technology company.  We will see how this plays out, it reminds me of FDR when he cut off oil supplies to Japan.  The result was an attack on Pearl Harbor.
May 18 June 5th – Bank of Japan – potential for sudden volatility in the futures trading on the JGB.
May 18 – 29th -US stock markets likely to remain weak.
June 10th – 13th – Mars conjoin Neptune 20 degrees Pisces.  We will likely see additional stimulus get passed.
My analysis is based on astrological projections and should not be viewed as investment advice.

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