By Christopher Adams

People who have been practicing Search Engine Optimization for years have a typical set of apprehensions and concerns but those who are just starting SEO, their concerns are completely different. Individuals and businesses learning SEO and trying to implement the strategies would certainly encounter a few issues but they would soon realize the effectiveness of SEO for boosting their business. There are numerous marketers and business owners who are still not making use of SEO even though millions of proponents are vouching for SEO’s effectiveness. Here are some of the apprehensions of SEO newcomers.

The ROI Factor

Most SEO beginners are not sure about the actual return on investment of the SEO strategy. Boosting your search visibility seems to be a great thing. However, beginners are worried that it involves a tremendous amount of endeavors and also, the process is pretty time- consuming. It takes a lot of patience to achieve higher rankings on the SERPs. There does not seem to be any guarantee about how much more traffic would be driven to your site. Moreover, if the conversion rate is not high enough, there is no value addition in terms of increased traffic.

Even though these apprehensions are valid to a certain extent, it is crucial to keep in mind that SEO is an important strategy that is meant for a long-term and is super-flexible. So, in case you do not get impressive ROIs, you may easily modify your tactics and improve your strategies until you find positive results and that your ROIs are shooting up.

The Time Factor

SEO is certainly a long-term policy. It is difficult to see results coming instantaneously. You would be investing hours of your time in optimizing your site. If you do not have adequate staff or if your staff is involved in current marketing strategies then you may not be interested in learning and implementing SEO strategies.

However, you do not need to overdo initially. Just a few simple tweaks to your website’s visibility and structure could give your business a boost. You could simply lay the foundation in the beginning and then gradually grow when the time is right for you. Moreover, you could seek professional assistance from reputed SEO agencies such as

Technical SEO Factor

If you are having apprehensions about the effectiveness and importance of SEO, it is clear that you do not have adequate technical experience relating to programming or website development. Therefore, you are finding technical SEO intimidating. Luckily, technical SEO is certainly not as technical as it may be sounding. With a little bit of time and practice, you could master it.

The Penalty Factor

The SEO novices are scared of penalties after the introduction of updates such as Penguin and Panda. These newcomers to SEO are apprehended of the fact that even small mistakes could get penalties and their rankings would fall drastically. You must realize that all mistakes could be rectified easily. Google penalties are supposed to be manual actions which take place only in extreme circumstances when anyone is intentionally and repeatedly manipulating rankings.


The newcomers might be entertaining some apprehensions and concerns about SEO. But if you allow enough time, SEO is bound to be fruitful and promises immense benefits. If you put in adequate investment, time, and dedication, SEO strategy is bound to succeed and yield really positive ROIs. Play your role with honesty and integrity and you should have no worries about penalties.

Author Bio: Christopher Adams is an SEO expert and SMM consultant attached to a private SEO Company. He manages his official blog and offers effective SEO tips, tricks, and resources such as Sand Crest for prompt and perfect SEO solutions.

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