By Jeff Pierce

I’ve identified so many momentum stocks on the  “Look at this Stock” column on zentrader since I created it last spring that went on for huge gains – TSRX, FENG, P, GOGO, NQ, GMCR to name a few. Here is the link to see them all.  I provide all this research and follow up pieces completely free of charge.

Nov 22nd Update

Zentrader readers were alerted to this stock back when it was $3.50/share back in July. Now is definitely not the time to be initiating new positions, but this looks like it’s heading a lot higher back on how it’s been trading over the last 6 months.


July 26th update – looks poised to breakout to upside.


July 11th – This stock has been showing up on my momentum screen every day this week. I was going to add it to this category yesterday, but I didn’t have time to make a post and since it’s under $8 it’s not really that much of a priority as I tend to avoid them. However I’m going to report on this because it has a look of a stock that could be a big winner.

Like I said I personally try to avoid stocks under $8-10, but every once in awhile I will buy a smaller priced stock. I also tend to shy away from oil & gas stocks as I haven’t had the best of luck trading those. I’m not buying this currently as I have been only focusing on the stock within my tradewithZEN focus list, but for those who like to speculate on lower priced momentum stocks this could be right up your alley.



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    Ah Oil & Gas stocks are really Energy Stocks. Hmmm

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