By Charlie Brown

Hunting for an apartment can be challenging at times. The hardest part is where you come across two apartments that you love. Your mind appears to be on a go-slow and you cannot choose which of the two fits. To fix the jinx, you must set your expectations as the guiding principle.

Talking of expectations, be as realistic as possible. Some of these include:
– Location
– Floor plan
– Nearness to shopping areas
– Quiet neighborhoods
– Rent

When you have a mental picture of how you would want your apartment to look, you will be able to make decisions quickly.

Rent, is it affordable?

Rent easily takes first priority. You must approach the cost aspect from a budgetary point of view. Decide how much you would comfortably want to spend on a house. After that, look for places that charge a similar amount or slightly lower.

In most cases, you have to weigh your options. On one hand, you might find a beautiful apartment that meets all your requirements. The pad is closer to your place of work. Transportation is only a walking distance away. Your close friends live in the vicinity. However, the agent is asking for more than you had planned.

Think further
On the other hand, you have found a house that is well priced but a little far from your office. You might have to take the bus and maybe hop onto a train. There are shops nearby and the rent is within your limits. What do you do? The decision boils down to making a choice between luxury and amenities.

In the course of searching for apartments Norman OK, realtors will give you so many options that you will be spoilt for choice. If you want a porch, swimming pool, and garden, you will find all these. You decision might involve stretching your imagination. Perhaps you could take the ground floor apartment even if there is no air conditioning. Looking on the brighter side, this apartment could end up saving you money. How? Low power bills.

Location and nearness to amenities

Amenities might not be your thing but location could be everything. Things to consider will include:
– How you will commute to and from work
– Your distance from family or friends
– Presence of restaurants or bars where you could catch drinks on a weekend
– Proximity to gyms and spas

The best way to find out is by spending a day in the area. Assume that you have already settled in an apartment. Walk around and go to a dining place. Look for a place where they serve ice-cream. Do they have movie theatres? Are there recreation parks for children? Also consider availability of parking space for your car.

After considering the rent, convenience and amenities, you need to ask the property owner or agent a few questions. Since you have already searched the internet, you know beforehand whether the house is new or not. There is no need to ask. However, for a previously existing building, your concern should be its age, renovations and installations. Ask and get answers.

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