This index hasn’t budged, even after yesterdays massive rally. We’re approaching the lows for this indicator as far back as it goes. Every other indicator went past previous records so it makes sense that this one will as well. If we’re down tomorrow this should hit all time lows.


The McClellan Summation index generally oscillates between 0 and 2000 although it can move outside of this range during extreme or unusual market conditions. Historically, major market bottoms occur after the index falls below -1000. Readings above +1600 often indicate a major top is near. Top and bottom signals carry more significance if the index is also diverging from the associated market average. According to the McClellans, the beginning of a new bull market is signaled if the NYSE-based Summation index first moves below the -1200 level and then quickly rises above +2500.

The Summation Index is simply a longer range version of the McClellan Oscillator. Whereas the McClellan Oscillator is used for short to intermediate trading purposes, the Summation Index provides a longer range view of market breadth and is used to spot major market turning points.


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