I love Tim Ferriss’s blog, his book and I think he has some incredible out of the box ideas, but I had to smirk when I saw him do a piece on investing. Seems that everybody wants to tap into this fear that’s gripping the world.

The article is designed for newbies, and could be another sign that we’re nearing a crossroads of sorts when non-financial professionals start blogging about the Stock Market.

Rethinking Investing: Common-Sense Rules for Uncommon Times

I didn’t find a whole lot else from the blogosphere that I wanted to point out except this article from Carl Swenlin, the creator of DecisionPoint.com.

Chasing Gold

Like many commodities, gold had been rising in a parabolic pattern that had become near-vertical, and parabolic rises almost always end in grief. As you can see, gold has already violated the top two rising trend lines, and is almost certainly headed for much lower prices. I do not rule out $300 as a downside target.

Now that’s a lot different from the $2000 price targets that I see out there. I guess there’s always somebody who wants to go against the grain. I for one never think gold will go that low, but at this point nothing surprises me. If it did, then the US currency would have to appreciate considerably from the levels were at today, and I just can’t buy that type of move. I think the Dollar is about to turn back down, and the Fed move next week could be just the catalyst for such a move.

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