Update: Given today’s move, I’ll be looking to enter on a pullback near $28.50. I’m not going to chase when the whole market gaps up.

In a lot of ways this next swing trade setup on SWI is like today’s winning trade in QCOR.

Gap support on a recent momentum winner – buying a pullback when the RSI falls near the 40 level. That level provides support when a stock is in an uptrend.

I like this stock on any pullback near the $28.25 level but I may chase if it moves higher tomorrow. I’ll have to wait and see how it responds today after my buy signal on this stock was triggered. I fully expect this to be back near old highs, and if it does that before Feb 9th (earnings are due then) I would take the profits and run.

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  1. abdul Says:

    Good Jeff, take the profit and run man whenever you got the chance again because the market itself is very stingy very reluctant to give you money. You are against the mass and the market is a wild animal. They will swing like wild horse if you try to ride on them.

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