Today’s Breakout in SWI – today was the day to look in some profits as it’s going to be releasing earnings next week. In many ways this is exactly the sort of chart patterns I look for. Leaders that have gone on nice runs, pullback enough to shake out the weak hands, but finds support near the 40 level on RSI on the daily chart. Identify key support, take the trade, and hold on for a stop violation or previous highs.

Posted on Jan 10

I like this stock on any pullback near the $28.25 level but I may chase if it moves higher tomorrow. I’ll have to wait and see how it responds today after my buy signal on this stock was triggered. I fully expect this to be back near old highs, and if it does that before Feb 9th (earnings are due then) I would take the profits and run.

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  1. abdul Says:

    I flat out everything on thursday and now waiting for a pullback. I dare not short in this market but also not willing to pay more to go long. My strategy is not to join the desperate crowd because the big brother are taking profit as the market rise. They are getting richer each day but not with my money this time Bro.

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