Tweet By Jeff Pierce

Tweet By Jeff Pierce It’s very plausible we continue to rise, but these are anything but bullish technical patterns. The Nasdaq is sporting a bearish megaphone pattern while the TSX has rallied right back into resistance. I’ve been spending the last week or so severely lightening up on my long positions because I felt the market was […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce Next week should be wild, but my market timing indicators remain bullish and suggest any weakness is an opportunity to add quality stocks to your portfolio.  Currently the Dow’s pullback hasn’t been much of a pullback at all. It’s more of a consolidation where resolution could come Monday morning as weekend […]

Tweet With gold and silver rallying so much lately and the Toronto Stock Exchange heavily laden with those stocks I would have expected this index to be performing much better than it actually is.  Having reversed off the trend line and never rising above the 70 level on RSI (which would indicate strong relative strength), this index […]