Tweet I liken the action on the Nasdaq for all of 2012 much like the strength off the 2010 lows from Aug – Nov. We then saw a pause that really didn’t retrace much and then shot much higher. It feels very much like that “wall of worry” now as it did then. Stocks are […]

Tweet Dow is looking more and more bullish after today’s move, just waiting on the breakouts. Focus on what the market is doing, now what you think it should. Nasdaq is at critical resistance. Video update below.

Tweet Here is a chart that suggests we’re in one giant consolidation pattern that probably won’t play out until 2012 and any move that reaches the boundaries is suspect and likely to reverse. Whichever way it does break, and hold that breakout, should be a nice tradeable move. Targets: Upside break should go back to 2850. […]

Tweet Using the 3 Line Break chart you can easily see that Gold and Silver are both in intermediate bearish trends while the primary trend remains bullish. Only be long these sectors if you are daytrading until we print a white candle on these weekly charts and momentum turns up. One very positive aspect of […]