Tweet   [ad#Google Adsense] Nothing lengthy tonight because anything can happen tomorrow and it’s not worth putting the time in. But one chart I wanted to share with you that I’ve been watching and have mentioned I would inform you when we got a signal is the NASI (Nasdaq Summation Index). I’ve applied the 3line […]

Tweet   I tried to outsmart Livestream and let my video run longer than I was speaking since I always get cut short a minute or two. It looks like I got the whole video and none of it got cut off. So in reality the video is really about 12 minutes long with me […]

Tweet   To be fair I haven’t followed this type of chart pattern to know what is significant or not, but these reversals appear on the surface to be significant and in unison. It also makes sense for the dollar to pop while gold/markets correct as the trends for all of these instruments are well […]

Tweet   German markets broke out of a symmetrical triangle/wedge formation…however you interpret this, it has bullish implications. When world markets are confirming the strength in the U.S. markets, it’s a sign that the current trend remains up. I also wanted to point out that I’ve included a link on the far right sidebar, under […]