Tweet By Liz DeMera This NYSE Net Advancing Volume chart is plotted as a 30 Day Moving Average.  It is very useful in determining possible bottoming  conditions in the market. Usually we get a rally  from  this level, however, this chart is not indicative of a good market bottom or deeply oversold condition in the market.  I’ve noticed  through history […]


Tweet Today was essentially a consolidation day…which is very bullish and reaffirms to me that the intermediate trend is up. However I remain convinced we’re going to see a pullback next week with some of my charts I’m watching. We are at a critical area which has proved to be support and resistance in recent […]

Tweet In the video below I discuss how far I think this bear market rally has to go. It could move as high as 11900 on the Dow, which would coincide with the 10day moving average also, but that would be a absolute best case scenario for the bulls. Personally I think today was it […]