Tweet Last summer (July 19-23, 2010) at Agora Financial’s “Assault on Enterprise” they had their annual “Whisky Bar” Panel, where they made predictions and took questions from the audience. All of the guests made their best guesstimate as to where the Dow Jones would be this time next year (July 2011). After 7 months I […]

Tweet . One of my favorite speakers at Agora Financial last summer was Patrick Cox, who is well documented in his studies of transformative technologies. His presentation was one of the few filled with optimism, describing how technology and biotech can bring us out of this financial mess we’re in. He also had a lot […]

Tweet . A great quote from Barry Ritholtz at Agora Financial. “Everyone wants to be a contrarion, but few can.” You have to wonder with how fast this market has bounced if it has much left in the tank. It’s covered the same amount of vertical distance in about half the time as the 03′-07′ […]

Tweet When I saw Faber this summer I first saw him from behind, and I was like “Who’s the guy with the pony tail?” You don’t often get to see it on his interviews, but you get a brief look at it here. You could watch the interview, but I summed it up in about […]