Tweet By Mobile Guru What is Arianne Resources worth after completion of its Bank Feasibility Study? Back in March I wrote an article Arianne: A Review Of Company Resources that outlined where Arianne Resources (DAN.v) was at based on the completion of their prefeasibility bank study and that they were planning to complete the final Bank Feasibility […]

Tweet By Mobile Guru Back in January I wrote an article, Arianne Resources on Big Fertilizers Radar, that discussed the potential of an exciting development stage mining company in the phosphate market. The article discussed why they might be a viable takeover candidate going forward and potential catalysts to look for. On Thursday they distributed […]


Tweet Below is a 6 month chart of POT which shows a potential bounce of it’s current 200 moving average. Here you can see the initial drop 4 days ago with the retest on Friday. Agriculture stocks should rebound soon as the world isn’t going to stop eating all of the sudden. These stocks had […]