Tweet By Mobile Guru In the investing community, few things can get an investor’s attention faster than hearing the word “Reverse Split”. This is typically because reverse splits are more often than not associated with small penny stocks that typically lack a profitable business plan. They are usually the result of a failure to create […]

Tweet William Patalon III Executive Editor The Money Map Report Three of the financial institutions that were key catalysts to the global financial crisis – and that owe the federal government billions of dollars as a direct result of those problems – have seen their shares triple in price so far this month. That could […]


Tweet All this AIG talk is really starting to disgust me for many reasons as it reeks of misdirected frustration. I’m going to be very clear in my stance. AIG never should have been put in a position where there were allowed to issue bonuses the very second they received government assistance, or rather taxpayers […]

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Tweet AIG’s bonus round Insurer to pay $450 million in bonuses to employees of the unit that was largely responsible for AIG’s collapse last fall. This is nothing more than taking money (taxes) from the poor (middle class) and giving it to the rich. Unless shenanigans like this stop, our country will never get it’s act […]