Tweet I ripped this out of last month’s Maclean’s magazine while I was waiting for my haircut last week and it’s been in my jacket pocket since then (hence the wrinkling). I found this interesting from a consumer standpoint the % of total revenue these fees add to the bottom line, and if anything you’ll […]

Tweet I was really glad to see the market rebound in the fashion that it did, but by the end of the day I had cashed out all my rentals from the other day and sit with 100% cash. To be fair I wasn’t randomly selling just to get out, most had hit my profit […]

Tweet Merger Monday provided some strength in this index as it clocked in as one of the stronger performing sectors for the day. Stocks in this sector which are mimicking the chart pattern on the XAL are: ALK CAL GOL LCC LUV TAM  UAUA I especially like GOL and TAM as almost all South American […]

Tweet Today demonstrates why it’s a good reason to always focus on the leaders and don’t let your”what you think should happen ego” get in the way of your trading. This sector is not one that I would have expected to perform as well has it has this month, but here it is leading the […]