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Tweet By All About Trends Folks, recently we talked about Washington bickering amongst themselves and how it would NOT be tolerated by the market. Yesterday Harry Reid had this to say: HARRY REID SAYS `LITTLE PROGRESS’ MADE RECENTLY IN FISCAL CLIFF TALKS. DISAPPOINTED WITH LITTLE PROGRESS IN DEBT TALKS And away we went to the […]

Tweet Today’s chart of the day from All About Trends is UUP which we’ll use as the proxy for the US Dollar. 11-14 We used to say dollar up-markets down, dollar down-markets up was all the rage and it still looks that way here, but see the USD? It’s bumping up against a resistance zone, […]

Tweet By All About Trends You can’t go higher until you stop going down. That said, the first step to higher can sometimes be sideways. We’ve seen this numerous times at market lows and at market highs. In other words markets sometimes have to carve out lows or highs. We’ve seen them last 2 days […]