Tweet . OK guys, here I am making my video debut. I’m going to warm you it’s a little rough around the edges and it’s going to take some time before my videos are polished and high quality, but in the long run I’ll be able to go over more charts, graphs, and share my […]

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Tweet As I was going over some indicators after the close I noticed that today was the largest volume day on the Dow Jones ever. I joked during the trading day on twitter that we were going to crash on Monday and that an virtual investment advisor from Ameritrade had informed me. I’m beginning to […]


Tweet Just the other day I blogged about how some investors in money market funds had their assets frozen and may not receive the full amount when they’re unfrozen. I just read  this article claiming that TD Ameritrade will make up the difference for their clients and even work with clients who have had the […]

Tweet I encourage everybody to contact their brokers to find out exactly how much of their money is covered in the event their broker goes under. I just spoke with Ameritrade and here’s what I found out. As a day trader my account has TD Ameritrade Cash status and it’s covered up to $900,000 because […]