Tweet “We live in a therapy culture” and we also “live in our past” according to Robbins.  He says most people believe that “biography is destiny, past = future, and  it does if you live there”. We can know what to do intellectually, but not use it or follow through. Apply this to trading and I […]

Tweet I’m going to switch gears for a moment and talk about something I learned from the 4-day Anthony Robbins seminar “Unleash the Power Within” last month. There’s a lot more to life than trading and it’s been really easy to get wrapped up with what’s going on in the financial markets lately. I thought […]


Tweet My wife scored tickets to a 4 day workshop with Anthony Robbins so I will have absolutely no time to blog (or breathe) this weekend. I just found out about this tonight and I can’t decide if it came at an awful time, or a perfect time to get away from all this madness. […]