Tweet By Jeff Pierce Below are a few screenshots of some of the strongest stocks in the market. If you are looking for some trade ideas for momentum stocks, you’ll likely find a few you’ll like there. Watchlist 1 Watchlist 2 Watchlist 3 Gold has been working it’s way back down to retest the lows. […]

Tweet By Jeff Pierce I just saw a price target of $1111 for Apple. That is just absurd. Marketwatch should be ashamed of printing that. That analyst must be into numerology as that number couldn’t be more random. Markets could be due for a pause, but I don’t really think it’s going to happen. If it does […]

Tweet By Chris Ebert/Fun Money A case of too far too fast here overbought at 50% fib level resistance in tandem with the indexes being at resistance. In fact, AAPL is simply propping up the market today . One more push up the red line has us b uying puts with either of the following […]

Tweet Tonight Karen and I were on Satellite Radio Playground’s Blog Talk Radio show and it was a blast. I started the show off talking about my outlook on the markets, SIRI’s stock price, and a stock pick that I believe will outperform in the short term. Karen followed with  a fabulous interview that ranged […]