Tweet Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the bailout, but where afraid to ask. I just stumbled upon this site ProPublica and it looks like they have some good stuff going on over there if you’re into macroeconomic news. You actually have to click on the link for the graph to appear as it’s […]


Tweet I want to preface this post by saying that this is an “if I was President post” and nothing more…take it with a grain of salt. I rarely watch the news. Some people find that hard to believe, but those are mostly people who don’t understand trading. I’m not interested in what the news […]

Tweet There as been a lot of talk lately about whether we are at or near an important bottom in today’s financial crisis. So I decided to go back and  look at the most important market crashes of my time starting with Black Monday. I’m not going to get extremely technical when looking at these […]