Tweet I nearly forgot a key part of this analysis, which is the position of the RSI this time verses the May 10′ Flash Crash corrective period. Given the market was coming from a “position of power” the RSI was able to stay above the 40 area. Bull markets tend to fluctuate between 80-40 levels, […]

Tweet I wanted to do some further analysis on the dollar, while providing some charts to support my short term bullish thesis. This is purely from a short term time frame as we all know the dollar is going to zero eventually, but a trade is a trade. My site is going to be down […]

Tweet For those who want just the facts. My market timing signal has turned lower, but needs tomorrow to confirm. I’d say there’s about a 10-15% change we rally hard from here which would preserve the uptrend, but it’s not looking good for the bulls. I’ve tried to remain unfaithful to either side and I […]

Tweet Somewhat of an uneventful day on Wall St with volume almost nonexistent. I kept waiting for the markets to bounce with my market timing system flashing an initial buy signal on Friday, but as I mention in the video that did not happen. I like to have a confirmation move to avoid jumping into […]